Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Road Trip
November 30, 2014 6:14 PM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

When Peralta goes on a romantic getaway with Sophia (recurring guest star Eva Longoria), he tries to also set up Santiago and Teddy at the same B&B, with predictably disastrous results. Holt asks Boyle to teach him how to cook breakfast for his husband, and an ailing Diaz goes on a wild non-drowsy cold medicine bender.

BONUS STUFF: For Thanksgiving 2014, Fox aired a special "bite-sized" after-football installment of B99, which has been graciously preserved online for your viewing pleasure. The Nine-Nine once again goes up against the FDNY (w/ returning special guest star Patton Oswalt) on the gridiron -- but this time the "ladder monkeys" have a secret weapon of their own.
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"Now I know how Salieri felt."
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I don't usually notice makeup, but Rosa's "sick" look was really well done.
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This show seems to be really finding its footing (hooray!). I laughed out loud several times this episode (and Eva Longoria, though not a convincing lawyer, seems to be having a great time as Peralta's for-now girlfriend) and I thought the A (road trip), B and C plots (Rosa's sick and the Captain cooks) were all really fun and played the characters off each other well.

Favorite line of the episode: "Are you a vampire? Augh, my horoscope told me to wear a cowl neck today and I laughed...!" closely followed by "What do you taste?"..."Cheese."
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I was so pleased that Sophia didn't instantly break up with Jake upon finding out about his crush on Amy. I figure they're probably not going to last and that Jake/Amy is going to continue on the will they/won't they track for most of the show, but it's the least annoying will they/won't they that I've seen in a while. Like... they're both being pretty mature about the whole thing! I mean, it's awkward, but not childish. And given that Jake's whole schtick is that he's a bit of a man-child, that's pretty impressive to me. Like, sure he screwed up by interfering, but he didn't *intentionally* try to screw things up for them, which seems like it's fairly par for the course in these kind of shows.

On another track, I think Boyle is wrong about having a bad relationship with Captain Holt- Holt also seems to appreciate his sense of humor. Boyle so often says things that a regular human would react to with horror, or at least a "please never say that again" but Holt always seems neutral to approving. ("That... was amazingly funny" and "Please, drop the nugget" come to mind.)
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