Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Fourth Qualified Individual / Fourth Children   First Watch 
July 14, 2019 10:36 AM - Season 1, Episode 17 - Subscribe

As EVA-04, the planned testbed for the S² engine, disappears under mysterious circumstances, NERV quickly prepares the testing of EVA-03 and the selection of its pilot. Shinji and Toji continue to bond, and Hikari begins to emotionally open herself to Toji.

Fly Me To The Moon -Episode 17 version (Do listen to this one, it's probably my favorite so far)

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A few episodes ago, Rei was wringing out a wash cloth and Shinjo said she did it like a mother and she'd make a good housewife someday. Gendo seems to enjoy hanging out with her, especially when she's in her tube without anything on. In this one, they're going to eat together.

Is Rei some kind of clone of Ikari Yui?

I'm not getting anything out of the drawing out of revealing the Fourth Children's identity, both for the viewer, and in-universe. Seeing how Shinji just got dumped right in... It's not working for me too well that everyone is having so much angst.
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Parts of Nevada disappear testing the S2 engine, which nobody has defined at the moment. Of course the US reaction is to get rid of the other existing Eva. I half-expected Eva-03 to be covered in stars and stripes.

Hikari putting the moves on Toji via food is adorable. But be warned, teenage boys eat all the things, I can't imagine those leftovers will be enough for long!

Also Kaji farms melons now? I am now beginning to think his character was assembled by random dice rolls.
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In the view from space of the Nevada incident, it looks like most of the northern states, part of Central America, and all of Canada are underwater. Bummer, eh?

The council seems to think it was the angel communicating with Shinji in the last ep, so maybe I’m wrong, but I think it being the EVA still fits more with the hints they’ve been dropping.
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Poor Hikari.
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Kaji's melon farm makes more sense when you think of it as a boob metaphor. He's like an idiot's idea of a suave ladies' man.
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I noted that NERV US is located in Area 51.
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