Neon Genesis Evangelion: A Life Choice / Ambivalence   First Watch 
July 14, 2019 10:43 AM - Season 1, Episode 18 - Subscribe

The activation of EVA-03 goes awry when an Angel takes control of the unit. With EVA-03 itself re-designated as an Angel, Shinji is faced with the moral dilemma of terminating the rogue Evangelion at the risk of harming or killing the pilot trapped within.
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Oh, so that's what a Dummy Plug does.
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That dummy plug sure has a lot of anger. And it’s ‘Rei’? Hmm.
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Oh, so that's what a Dummy Plug does.

I wondered why Maya was a bit reluctant to work on it. Perhaps a copy of Ruined By Design exists in the Evangelion world and she'd been doing some light after-work reading.

On first watch, I'd missed the cloud formation and lightning flash, so I thought Gendo classifying Unit-03 as an Angel was a cover-up for some massive mistake.
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I'll be waiting for Commander Ikari to start using the dummy plug for every attack.
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It's becoming increasingly unclear what Angels are, what Evangelions are, and just how much of a distinction there is between the two.
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I think it's either this episode or the previous one where they discussed the following about the Eva pilots:
“They all need briefings and they all need therapy.”
“But most urgently, they need a fucking union.”
“Where’s OSHA?”
“Buried in the Second Impact”
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I can't believe the entitled Second Impact Generation wants "unions" and "not to be murdered by the horrifying abominations they're building for us".
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(Ugh, I meant to clarify that was from the Waypoint podcast, the four-hour[!!] episode that includes this one is well worth listening to)
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- Aw, Penpen looking back and forth between Misato and Shinji during that hallway conversation. One of the very few light moments before the wham of the rest of the episode.

- "I'd rather die than kill someone." Shinji... :/

- Gendo's fucking little smile when he watches the dummy-plug-controlled Unit-01 pulverize Unit-03, made even worse by all the horrified stares from the rest of the NERV crew watching the violence play out.

- The cut to Hikari planning out what food to make for four...

- Just felt so bad for Shinji at the end, even before his scream of realizing the pilot's identity. He still spoke to Misato as if he had had full agency in almost killing Toji, totally taking all the blame before verbalizing that he tried to get Gendo to stop it.
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