Neon Genesis Evangelion: Weaving a Story 2: Oral Stage   First Watch 
July 16, 2019 9:24 PM - Season 1, Episode 20 - Subscribe

His physical form absorbed by EVA-01, Shinji drifts through an introspective state, again contemplating his "mission" and role as a pilot. Meanwhile, Ritsuko and NERV desperately attempt to recover him.

Original title: Form of the Mind, Form of the Man

"Fly Me To The Moon" - Episode 20 version

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EvaGeeks episode page
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It's taken a little time, weed donkey, but we're here now!
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After seeing this one and reading the recaps of some of the past episodes to make sure my impressions were more or less correct, I think now Rei is some kind of failed attempt by Risuko's mother to bring back Yui, the research Risuko tried to use to bring back Shinji, which succeeded, but only in bringing back the body, Rei, but not the soul, which remained in the Eva to eventually help Shinji. This is why Rei is so blah most of the time.

Something like that...
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When they re-re-make this show, I hope they have a rethink on Kaji. Maybe just leave him out.

Shinji remembers Evangelions and his mom, together? Gendo was less of an asshole before Shinji was born. By anime rules it’s going to turn out that Shinji caused his mother’s death, I fear.

Anyhoo, it’s resurrection time. He is risen, the son of Gendo, who created EVAs from Adams rib (and/or other parts).
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I actually like Kaji. I just think he is a bit underused and/or misused. He's a free agent who has mixed things up and I have liked his relationship with Misato.
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I have liked his relationship with Misato.

What, like the part where he sexually assaults her?
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Did he? I must have missed that part or it went past me. Being deaf I do miss quite a bit due to the lack of sound. It is very hard sometimes to tell who's talking when faces aren't shown or lips aren't clearly seen moving and I don't get tone of voice at all in any case.
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There are multiple scenes, but the most blatant one involves him groping and kissing her in an elevator while she struggles to get free and then as soon as the doors open she flees.
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Honestly, there's so much going over my head. Most of the time I'm just trying to follow the text. :(
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I agree it's an interesting relationship though, hammering on the hedgehog's dilemma thing, it's openly abusive in a show where nearly all of the adults are secretly using and manipulating each other, but they also seem to be the only two people who manage any closeness or trust.
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The idea that Shinji was just kind of in solution in the LCL made me feel physically ill. This show is wild.
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Rock Steady, it's that moment when we realize what's happened to him, even more than Toji's trauma or the brutal fight in ep 19, that really marks Eva's ultimate change of tone to me. Just a hell of a thing.
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Don't you wanna, wanna Fanta
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The Council Of Nerds has ruled on this, it's Tang.
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rodlymight: When they re-re-make this show, I hope they have a rethink on Kaji. Maybe just leave him out.

On that, for potential spoilers for Evangelion 2.0 (not to mention the rest of the original series), here's the EVA Geeks wiki page on him. In short, he's around, but much more limited in his role (I haven't seen the newer movies yet, so I'm relying on their summary).
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Kaji and Misato's relationship is definitely something I've had to recontextualize from watching this as a teen to the rewatch now. It took Waypoint breaking down the body language in the elevator scene for me to really get, oh, he's not just kind of cocky, he's straight up gross, not that I think the show fully understands that, either. But some of their scenes together are still standout moments in the show for me for the reasons lucidium pointed out.
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I will say that as much as Kaji is a garbage person, they nailed the 1-sided relationship between him and Asuka, where she has a high school's girl's infatuation, and perceived closeness, and he is essentially ignoring her because he's creeping on other women.
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Waypoint Radio has their discussion of episodes 20 and 21 up now. Not four hours long, this time!
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