Veronica Mars: Spring Break Forever
July 19, 2019 3:54 PM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Panic spreads through Neptune when a bomb goes off during spring break. Veronica and Keith are hired by the wealthy family of one victim injured in the bombing to find out who is responsible.
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Hulu dropped the whole season today, as a birthday present to Kristen Bell
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Up to episode 3 at the moment.

It’s so good having Veronica Mars back in my life!
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so I guess you'd call that episode fan service? wallace seems kinda neutered, hope they give him more to do. everyone else is on form... I'm so happy this is back as a TV show!
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It's pretty strong so far. It's true that Wallace has nothing to do and Logan has little of what made him interesting in the original run. But the chemistry between Bell and Colantoni is still great.

Also the ex-wife in the opening bit is Jane from Happy Endings!!
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...and so much Dick!
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Kirby Howell-Baptiste as the Comrade Quacks owner is my favorite new addition. Need her and Veronica to become BFFs, stat. Would also appreciate more Wallace and hopefully some Mac in future episodes.

I know people love LoVe, but I find Logan unbearably boring, so I'm vainly hoping this rejected proposal plot isn't a season long arc.

Keith and Veronica are the heart of this show for me, though, so I'm liking the focus on that relationship so far. I'm glad Keith's recovery isn't getting downplayed, but also that it isn't slowing down their banter.

Pony is a Good Boy. Backup would approve.
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Sweet Jesus, Logan got ripped.
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Why is Logan not rich? I cannot remember this, but surely even if he isn't living in the Neptune Grand rich, he should have residuals etc that make him able to afford a nicer apartment.
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There was a story in season 3 where he found out his money was running out much faster than anticipated and was only going to last a couple of years, which turned out it was because his father had another child and 10k a month was going to that guy.

Having said that, even in the movie he has a BMW and lived in a nice beach cottage so not sure what happened in the five years since then.
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Why is Logan not rich? I cannot remember this, but surely even if he isn't living in the Neptune Grand rich, he should have residuals etc that make him able to afford a nicer apartment.

I think that is just Dick being an asshole because Logan has a job.

Perhaps he moved into Veronica’s apartment because he was living with Dick before (in the movie) - so she couldn’t move into his place when the decided to live together.
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should I make single episode posts or just a season long one?
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I have no self discipline and this weekend has been too hot to venture outside, so I will be ready to discuss the whole season by this evening. But if other people would prefer to moderate their Veronica Mars intake, I am prepared to google episode descriptions to ensure I keep episode by episode comments spoiler free.
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we can do both!
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I finished it last night and I have Thoughts and Feelings but I’ll keep them to the all-episode thread so as not to spoiler.
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If we must have a Veronica/Logan relationship I'm glad we're getting more overt textual focus on why she makes these terrible life decisions.
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I'm totally shipping Veronica and Kirby.
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