Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: From the Ashes
July 27, 2019 3:23 PM - Season 6, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Out of answers and running out of time, the agents must face the ghosts of their past to move forward. [IMDb synopsis] Sort-of the penultimate episode - it looks like next week will be two episodes back-to-back to finish out the season (possibly the result of a preemption for sports earlier in the season).

I didn't write a detailed synopsis of this because a) If you've seen it you know, and b) I'm having some RSI issues. But hey, at least my dead husband isn't blaming me for his death.
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They mentioned Robbie Reyes (Ghost Rider) again, so I'm certain he'll be back to help wrap things up this season.

I love that the characters call each other on their shit.

I learned that Piper was supposed to be a one-episode character, but the showrunners liked Briana Venskus and decided to re-use Piper instead of adding random unnamed agents when such were needed, and now she's a full-on character. I think I read that a similar thing happened with the character of Don E. on iZombie, but I'm not sure. Venskus played a similar role on a few episodes of Supergirl, agent Vasquez of the DEO.
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There may have been some carrying the idiot ball here, but it was so fast paced that I didn't notice. Yo-Yo was repeatedly clever, and it's only because she's up against someone with godlike powers that she didn't entirely win this one. (I am enjoying Yo-Yo getting so much action and really hoping it doesn't mean she's a dead woman walking.)

I enjoyed watching Deke failing repeatedly to become a contributing part of a FitzSimmons conversation, and then finding a way to integrate with them. Nice little bit of progress there.

Was everyone else expecting that bit with Sarge? I didn't know just how they were going to reveal that Coulson is buried in there somewhere, but I knew it would happen at some point. If he rejoins the team (I'm assuming they'd have to power him down first) that would make two people on the team whose life experience is missing big chunks of what their characters did on S.H.I.E.L.D. Does anyone remember exactly when Coulson passed through the monoliths? Because I'm drawing a blank.
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I think it happened when the fear dimension opened in the basement of the lighthouse? Didn't he go confront Fear Dimension Deathlok?

If he ends up identifying as Colson he should definitely put in for back pay.
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I kinda feel for Zeke trying to fit in, because FitzSimmons are his grandparents after all. He's still annoying though.
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I thought this was a great episode in which every character came up with stupid plans.

Daisy’s plan was to kill Sarge until he unlocked his god-like power—and only then head up to the lab to grab a sword that could kill him, so as to test its ability to kill Izel? That is so stupid on so many levels, though I forgave it all when Sarge called Daisy Skye.

Mack and Yo-Yo realized Izel couldn’t carry out her plan if she didn’t have the gravitonium orb. But instead of grabbing the orb and noping out in the pod, which they had and were in, they just let Izel possess Yo-Yo and sent Benson off to warn the rest of the team?

Fitzsimmonsshaw figured out that the harmonic resonance of the knives and swords can kill Izel. Make flechettes out of the same substance! They’re just tiny knives propelled quickly through the air by an explosion. One doped frag grenade and Izel is toast.

Anyway, I greatly enjoyed the episode. I hope if Sarge joins the team he is stripped of his power—the great thing about Coulson was his being a guy who survives a super-powered world through his wits. I’m very glad that the scene of Daisy reading his letter was not accompanied by a voice over (though I was fine with that conceit in Stranger Things 3). I cried a couple of manly tears when Daisy hugged Sarge. I’m happy that Briana Veskus continues to have a major role in this season. The return of Flint, a person who shouldn’t even exist in our timeline, is both fun and funny.

If Yo-Yo doesn’t free Mack and herself from their predicament by simply releasing her robot arms from their stumps I will be upset.
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And we take another step to ensure the Broken Earth timeline. They will end up doing anything to save Coulson. They are futzing with the gravitonium device again, Phil is, 'waking,' up and everyone's head will be firmly planted up their rear, all for good sentimental reasons. Between Izel bringing her family out, the Chronicoms trying to turn Earth into Chronicom III, and a being of Ghost Rider like power with Phil Coulson's memories confusing things all fighting near a device of destructive power sufficient to crack the Earth like a child's jawbreaker is gonna be just full of brilliant moments. This is not the timeline you think it is. This is the timeline that it always was going to be.
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