My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 470: Mama Freddy’s Turbo Spaghetti
July 29, 2019 11:37 AM - Subscribe

In today's episode, we stumble upon a new motto, a new personal mantra to guide us into the new Roarin' 20s — but, unfortunately, it has a cuss in it. And we're not sure if we're allowed to put cusses in this description. We're gonna go ask iTunes if we can cuss, BRB. Suggested talking points: San Diego Discomfort Con, Two-Step Tip, Edible Tattoos, Dirty Dog Pizza, The Bell Hotel, Beast Food
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I really liked the detail that they know Sara Benincasa, one of my favorite people.
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Boy nothing I want more on a dreary Tuesday morning than a big heaping bowl of Grandma Tanya's Power Lasagna.
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Signore Elmo’s Power Elbows

The title hooked directly into the part of my brain that writes jingles for no reason all day and I can guarantee I am going to wake up with about a dozen perfectly formed stupid product names tomorrow morning. I really hope the fan animators and pin of the month artists are on top of this one.

Anyway this episode was a banger even before the last bit, I giggled my way through the whole thing.
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by the time they got to grandma tanya's power lasagna i knew i should not have played it during my commute. thank god i was already home when they got to the horny gnocci one
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The Comic-con intro was kind of a dud, but the rest of the episode was indeed a banger. Travie was on his shit for this one. When he replied to Griffin's edible tattoo idea with, "Go on, Wonka" I about lost it.

Also, help yourselves.
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The "Let's riff on this pop culture event" thing they like to do seems to fall flat more often than not
posted by Mr.Encyclopedia at 7:12 AM on July 31, 2019

But the thought of Clint buttonholing Brandon Routh about the acting he'd done in West Virginia is too precious
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