Critical Role: Clay and Dust
July 29, 2019 12:44 PM - Season 2, Episode 72 - Subscribe

Distant family waits at the Kravaraad Volcano in the Greying Wildlands, and a difficult decision changes everything for one of the Mighty Nein...
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I went to sleep at the break, and watched the rest the next day. THANK GOODNESS, otherwise I would have been up til the end with my mind racing afterwards.

In the words of the wonderful Dani Carr, Holy shit, y'all!
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holy shit y’all, indeed.
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I was rewatching the second half, and came across this snippet that I hadn't noticed before, probably because I was focused on Fjord. Jester's response to Fjord here is really interesting. Youtube video of this episode, 2:50:17-2:50:32, in case the link doesn't take you to the right place.
Fjord: There's a part of me that wants to leave it all behind...
Jester: And just go somewhere quiet and disappear, and hope that it never bothers you again?
Fjord: Yeah...
Jester: Yeah, I understand that.
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Matt's and Travis's faces during the dream sequence were things of beauty (along with everyone's reaction to the falchion throw). I love it when nobody really knows what's going to happen next. I thought for a second he was going to fall into the lava or otherwise kill himself, and it seemed like Matt was thinking the same thing.

Dani's flipping out is going to be epic. I wonder what's going to happen next (I think Marisha guessed Paladin? That seems likely, unless they're going for a custom pact or Travis makes another unexpected move)

So this is a small thing I remember from some sort of interview, but Taliesen did do a stint as a ren faire blacksmith (because of course he did), so he definitely had more information than his character would have in the first half.

And there were so many campaign 1 references! I can't believe they got through a discussion of glass making with nobody making one single glory hole reference.
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Paladin does seem likely, but man, I'd love to see them do some kind of Wildmother-variant on a Celestial-pact Warlock.
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Paladin makes story sense, but Fjord has an 11 STR. I wonder if he could be a variant Warlock, or something else entirely. I'm positive that Matt and Travis will talk about the possibilities, and that the options will be more story driven than mechanics/RAW driven.
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Paladin is iffy, but at least he's got a high charisma. Cleric would be hilarious (everybody's a cleric! team cleric!), but his wisdom is 7, so that's really out.

Or maybe he gets special powers from the wildmother/the forge/something else and becomes a sorcerer, because why not.
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Great episode - Travis is such a good player, you can see the possibilities opening up in Matt’s eyes as Fjord makes decisions.

College of Swords bard would be good but I have a feeling the new reforged sword might keep him a hexblade warlock but with the Wild Mother as a patron.
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Catching up after a couple of weeks of travel and irregular schedule.

Wow! I love how these episodes that seem like sleepy roleplaying/lore episodes can suddenly turn. I remain in awe of the fact that as much as this felt like a scripted moment, Travis and Matt were just totally in the moment together with such a high level of trust - Travis could do what he wanted, and Matt was going to have some kind of response.

And Talesin's reaction to the sword throw was great.

(I really think we're going to see Fjord continue as a Warlock of some kind, unless Matt rejigs a Paladin build to run off CHR for combat - but you guys are weeks ahead of me, so maybe I'll know more when I catch up).
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So, upon further thought - was the crystal in the sword when Fjord chucked it into the magma, or is the crystal still in Fjord?
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Hmm.... [frantically googles] Okay, so according to the wiki, Fjord consumed the one crystal, and afterwards it was part of the falchion, so I would say it's debatable. My money is on it still being part of Fjord somehow - that discarding his hexblade didn't necessarily remove the crystal from him.
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I'm going with the belief that Fjord still has the crystal embedded in him, just because I love the idea of a variety of Uk'otoa Uk'otoa followers chasing him down to try to cut it out.
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I'm a very grognardy D&Der -- for example, I am working on starting a campaign using a variant of the original rules where there aren't even any Clerics -- so Warlock has always seemed strange to me.. Requiring lots of DM special attention, and bringing in weird questions of like, you know your character is evil, right??? I think Mercer and Willingham played it very well, but I feel like it's just all a very specific kind of arc that has to be followed.
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It depends! Your patron could be fairly hands off (Mr. Dinty played most of a Curse of Strahd game where he wasn't even aware who his patron was), or your hexblade warlock could essentially be She-Ra, where you are just generally aware that you're supposed to be fighting for greatness and justice and all that. Laura was originally going to be playing Jester as a warlock, not really changing anything except for the fact the traveler would be her patron instead of a god.
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