Sleepy Hollow: Mama
November 17, 2014 7:49 PM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Perhaps Ichabod would prefer a jar of leeches, real mental health hospitals aren't staffed solely by demon nurses, Hawley gets to hold flashlights, and finally: Everybody Else On The Show Is Officially A Better Witch Than Katrina.
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So, so good. Sister time! Mom was protecting them and was portrayed well, as someone struggling with these forces all around her. Abbie and Jenny figuring things out, ripping apart walls, moving through scenes, and all the while the guys were out of the way and not always with lines. I love this show. I love it.
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I like that Crane took a knee in this episode to let Jenny and Abbie take the fore. Katrina only seems to be around because of that corset at this point.
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I am so irritated by Katrina's characterization as this idiotically optimistic fool. Henry could eat an actual live screaming human baby in front of her and she would be like NO HE'S NOT EVIL IT'S JUST BECAUSE HE'S HURTING INSIDE

yeah okay maybe his stomach hurts from ALL THE RAW BABY
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Everybody Else On The Show Is Officially A Better Witch Than Katrina.

No lies detected, but technically, isn't Hawley a warlock?

Man, that Irving escape scene was perfection.
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It was so pleasant to finally have Jenny and Irving back in the show, I absolutely loved his escape scene. I think my favorite moments were when we are shown Abbie's protective instincts towards Jenny, like whenever their mother appeared she moved Jenny slightly behind her.

Katrina keeps coming to the brink of being useful and then just ruins it - great idea to poison the demon baby, why didn't you follow through and kill the demon child? His being older should have made it easier since it made it quite obvious he wasn't actually human at all.

Crane with a cold was adorable though it sidelined him for much of the episode. I really liked that Hawley and Ichabod didn't interfere with the seance (could they even see the mother?)

Anyway, if we get more episodes focused on Abbie, Jenny, Ichabod and Irving, I'll be a happy camper.
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