Lodge 49: The Slide
August 21, 2019 8:23 AM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

"Life is good? Life is good. Life is good!" Dud gets back into cleaning pools, with some complications. "No good deed goes unpunished." Liz tries to hit bottom, with some detours along the way. "Churros and jellyfish! - Yes! That's the plan." A game of golf jeopardizes Ernie's career, while Connie finds a new perspective is helpful. "Thermosaurus?"
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That was a rollercoaster of an episode, but also felt like it ended too cleanly (Liz has her "expense account," and the Dudley's have their storefront back*). So I'm expecting that it'll all fall apart next episode, or over the course of the next 8 episodes.

* Except they'd need to rent it again, right? Maybe they'll put the deposit and first month on the card? I kept waiting for it to be declined.

Or "Dr." Kimbrough's finances get frozen, and Liz is tied to his case as an accomplice. I keep envisioning tragedies, but it could be joyous successes!
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She isn't employed by Kimbrough, she's employed by the temp agency and really only worked there a couple of days, so I think her liability is limited there. As for the car and the card, just based on what little we know of Kimbrough it is not only possible that the card and car aren't connected to him easily on paper, it's probable. So I bet there's some life in that card, likely drawing from an account in the US Virgins and with an address in Luxembourg. He's a fucking DOCTOR of accounting.

I kept looking at Ernie and Dud and Liz and thinking, man, they're in a good position to start a business. Liz should be CEO, Ernie in charge of sales and marketing, and Dud managing the actual work. If they can figure out the lease, and use the magic card for inventory, they could start a sustainable pool service & supply business.

I really love this show. I like the way it ties hope to faith in the unknown. It's not at all about religion, but it's entirely about religion.
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"Too late, we're on the lemon standard now."

I suspect Blaise's dismissal of Larry's mom in favor of the importance of Wallace Smith may prove premature. And speaking of Larry, what's Daphne up to? She seems mighty interested in the lodge, and clearly knows more than she's letting on. It's as if she's this season's equivalent of that dude who heard about the True Lodge and ingratiated himself among the Lynx (I can't remember his name).

I got the impression that the Dudleys won't necessarily take possession of the pool supply store again, but that getting rid of the Pool Party assholes was enough. It was for me, anyway. The proper vibe has been restored to the strip mall.
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I kept looking at Ernie and Dud and Liz and thinking, man, they're in a good position to start a business.

YES, except we kept saying, "Come on! Ernie and Dud! Go into business!" Didn't include Liz because she is just a MESS right now, sliding down the chutes. Her storyline is making me very uncomfortable and I hope it turns soon.
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