Lodge 49: Conjunctio
September 4, 2019 7:25 AM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

"Well, guys, this is my speech. Long ago, at Shamroxx, we served french fries. But here we serve Pommes Frites. They literally come out of the same bag, and we charge twice as much. It's magic. So, let that inspire you." Also, there's a robbery, an attack with a frying pan, the closing of a door, and a marriage.
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The contrasting optimism and pessimism (or realism) of Dud and Liz is interesting. I wonder if the casting team wanted a blond surfer dude and a brunette cynic, for the visual light/dark pairing. Where Dud is still seeing the scrolls as a magic, golden ticket, he's skeptical of Fydro, where Liz is generally the realist, but she (apparently) went all-in on the fire-water scheme. Which feels like it's going to be something bigger, like Omni Capital Partners, as foreseen with their mascot on the crashing plane at the beginning of this season (which could be a dream?).
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I wonder if the Omni mascot is going to be Janet, since we saw her playing that role last season. Whoever it is, plunging to the earth in flames is no way to go. "Out there, we proffer our deeds to oblivion..."

Daphne's tale of adjunct faculty woe reminds me of why I've refrained from entering academia. So far, at least.

I find the turn toward the past and nostalgia on the part of several characters really interesting. It's a natural impulse even when things are going well, and when life is handing you lemons (in Dud's case, literally) and seemingly no way to make lemonade out of them (so much for the lemon standard), the past, or our pseudo-remembering of it, becomes an even stronger draw. Ernie seems to understand this, as seen in his brief speech to Dud, but even so, he's been having flashes of the life he could've had. Such is life in a Cartesian cage, I reckon.

This is one of the most meaningful, resonant shows I've ever seen, up there with Twin Peaks and Community. Getting to watch it is an utter delight.
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Did I miss something, or is Higher Steaks... just a steakhouse? It seemed like they were setting it up to be some kind of "experience", but it ends up just being another restaurant.
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I think it's just a steakhouse, but I expected more as well, especially after Janet's video where she said something about treating the dining experience like life or death (or something like that). Given the name, someone really dropped the ball by failing to make it a cannabis-and-steak experience.

Any ideas what Clara and Lodge 1 might ask of Connie?
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So the scrolls are in the Thermosaurus. We all agree on that, right?
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Yeah, pretty much (banner image from Lodge 49 on Tunefind).
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