My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 476: Face 2 Face: Super-Snake Begins
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We're returning from a big, wild family vacation, and so we present to you our big, wild live show from Atlanta! We performed it last weekend, back when we were SO jacked up on Coca-Cola that a beam of brown, carbonated energy shot out of our chest and blew a hole in the ceiling. You probably read about it in the newspapers.
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OK now I want to try Coke beverages from around the world. Including Beverly.
posted by fifteen schnitzengruben is my limit at 8:45 PM on September 11

I totally want to try Beverly.

For the past several days, I've been giggling at the phrase "Bones don't just fall out of the trees...unless a bird has a ackizent!"
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I've had the Beverly at Epcot. I didn't actually mind it, but my kids were NOT IMPRESSED.
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