My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 478: The Sprite Slide, A Sprite Experience
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Who's lookin' to get sticky sticky sticky in the hot hot sun? Come on down to Spriteland and get WILD with all your carbonated buds! We got lazy rivers just chock-full of this clear stuff, and boy, the bees are just, really y'all, it's really ... there's a lot of bees. Suggested talking points: The Coldest Chili, Adult Trampoline Center, Sticky Amusement Park, Pizz-It!, Thanks Alexa, Fun Food for Fun Guys
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I live in Arizona, a pretty far distance from Huntington, West Virginia. But if they actually do set up a stall at the chili festival? I am down for a meet up there.
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Justin just keeps finding the best-worst things for Munch Squad lately. I can already feel my arteries (vicariously) hardening at the thought of a fried chicken sandwiched in between two fully-glazed donuts that is somehow not being launched in any of the cities where such a chicken-donut combo is already gaining traction
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The Sprite water slide was simultaneously one of the coolest-sounding and most horrifying amusement park rides I've ever heard of.
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I also appreciated the adroit refusal to clarify "fun guy" or "fungi". That's sibling trolling at its finest.
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I like how they kind of invented Roko's Basilisk lol.
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I also really enjoyed the whole bit at the end about guy who doesn't know what to do with an onion.
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I bet they're not testing the donut thing where it already is because they want to see if the rest of the country will also be into it.

Also I liked how Justin slipped in the origin of the great job hat, I like thoughtful little touches like that.
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Upon re-listen, the extended chilifest (minus the -ival) segment was amazing. My guts cannot handle more than just the smallest smattering of chili, so I was just fascinated by the whole concept. So many hilarious details! The guy who gave out the rest of his tickets because he was already done at like 10:30am, the booth that courteously listed an estimated bathroom hours ratio, and the booth with the very intense chili that caused the whole family to suffer but also resulted in Justin deriving some entertainment from watching other naive souls put themselves to the test of chili pain.

I also love the thought of the brothers having their own boooooth, dressed up like Halloween witches, each cauldron with its own special chili. 🎃
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yeah I bet if they did set up a booth it would become the McElroy Fest(ival).
posted by bleep at 10:02 AM on September 27, 2019

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