The Adventure Zone: Hootenanny - Live in Nashville!
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As we ready ourselves for the next season of Adventure Zone, we've got some special programming lined up for you! The first is this: Our live show from this past summer, live at the Ryman Theater in Nashville! It's a country western space opera, or, if you will: A Space Opry. Enjoy!
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Wonderful, fabulous, perfect.
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I love how this whole bit was delightful and then when I typed it out I realized it all could have been in character:
"Don't worry it's not my shooting hand"
"Is it your bass-playing hand?"
"OH SHIT! I'm ambidextrous!"
"Gotta have two hands for that my friend "
"It's a computer bass"
Right up to when Griffin says "Your friends.."
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So much of this was just so, so good. I don't even know what to comment on, because it was all just SO GOOD.

The eugenics thing. The abortion thing. How is it that abortion and eugenics were both brought up in a comedy podcast, and both made me laugh until it hurt?

Oh, and them talking about offensive robot stereotypes while their ship just crash landed. Oh, and Griffin solving his own scorpion puzzle.

Oh, and the incredibly touching fact that three boys and their daddy, who was a country music radio DJ, got to sing together at the Grand Ol Opry.
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The contraband / country band joke is one of the funniest things I've heard in my life.
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Guys the Space Worms song has been stuck in my head for two days
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Countraband / Country Band was amazing in a way that could never, ever be described in text, because really it's just a (good) pun, but hearing Clint pull it out of his ass with perfect timing, perfect delivery, and really just perfect Vaudevillian style, at the Grand Ole Opry, was like watching a ranked amateur hit a hole-in-one or something. All three characters got actual character business (Benny Gene's constant need for everyone to recognize him / treat him like a nobody, Chutes's bass-playing-hand, Pepsi's deeply conservative and rambling definition of marriage - "really any combination of consentin' adults") but my favorite running thing might have been Travis's repeated suggestions to kill off beloved Nashville legends, to an audience at the Ryman auditorium.

Great space-earworm of a closing song, too.
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"Space salt?"
"It's just NaCl man"

So many good jokes. I'm listening to it again. The whole thing about Space Jesus was great.

I also liked how making these types of Appalachia jokes/accents in the right time & place for them seemed so *appropriate*. It was a joy to experience something so appropriate.
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I guess it's not much of a spoiler now that Travis is GM'ing the next series, but it turns out that info was first leaked by Griffin back when this show was performed in, what, June, when he was introducing Hootenanny onstage and said that Travis had already claimed the letter G. Maybe it was all over Reddit at the time, I dunno, but if nobody caught onto it then, that would have been pretty amazing.
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Lasers and Feelings is a lot of fun, and a great system for actual play podcast use. Austin Walker used it with the crew of the Giant Beastcast for their annual Christmas RPG podcast last year and it was also a blast there.
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Lasers and Feelings is a lot of fun, and a great system for actual play podcast use.

I'm kind of in awe about what a great mechanic it is. Incredibly simple and yet very deep.

This episode might be the best live episode they have ever done - across any of their podcasts, and frankly it got me excited again for TAZ. Don't get me wrong, I liked Amnesty fine, but it didn't click with me in the same way Balance did, but this was a delight from start to finish.

If we are discussing our favorite bits, the idea that Chutes's theme song started playing as soon as he turned his eyes on is fantastic, and Travis's perfect ad-libbed song was the icing on the cake
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Everything was indeed wonderful, and beyond that this episode reinforced my notion that Justin is the best role-player I've ever heard. I was totally won over when he kept characterizing Pepsi by continually leaping into things he wasn't qualified to try. Then the turn into the conservative marriage definitions, catching their fall into eugenics in real time... I agree that Clint's contraband joke might be the funniest single gag in a long long time but DAMN Justin is so so good at characters (I also loved Travis's middle brother outage/envy/admiration at how awesome Pepsi was right at the outset).
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God, I wanted a whole series of this just for Pepsi America. That's such a great character concept for all manner of ridiculous situations, and I wanted more so badly.
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