The Adventure Zone: The Adventure Zone Presents: The Ballad of Bigfoot: An Amnesty Story
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Travis takes the reins in this not-remotely-canonical prequel to our recently concluded Appalachian supernatural drama. This is the wildest live episode of any podcast we've ever done. We're still not entirely sure what happened up there.
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I got to see this in person, and the costume choices were INCREDIBLE.
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The next season will be The Adventure Zone: Graduation
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Oh wow, I am so excited about Graduation. The premise sounds fantastic! And I'm glad they're going back to D&D.

As for this episode? I laughed so hard, my lungs and my face and my back all hurt. I can't believe Griffin McElroy turned into a car.
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(This is Lasers and Feelings again, but with the serial numbers filed off)
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Note: That's not a bad thing at all, though I'm not convinced reckless/patient is as good a dichotomy as lasers/feelings.
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I had to listen to this in pieces which kind of sucks because the live shows in particular are so much about the flow from start to end in addition to the good goofs. It left me a little worried about Travis as GM, since he was much more inclined to yes-and everything until he lost control of the proceedings, where Griffin would've steered the boys back onto rails.

On the other hand, they're different GMing styles. Griffin's got years of experience so Travis needs time to find his way too. I'm optimistic and I'm in for the ride, but I'm gonna worry a little anyway. And if the new series is going to be deliberately all about the goofs, that could be a nice tonal shift from the previous two arcs that both started kinda light and ended heavy.
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I personally am totally down for a TAZ season that's less epic plot and more goofy goofs. At times I feel like TAZ has drifted away from its roots as a comedy podcast and headed toward serious roleplaying with occasional funny goofs. I've tried other serious actual play podcasts and absolutely none of them have ever hooked me, I'm here for the comedy. In that regard, Travis' Yes-and style of GMing is the best possible thing I could hope for in a new TAZ season.
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> I've tried other serious actual play podcasts and absolutely none of them have ever hooked me...

I've tried listening to some other RPG podcasts and there's always been a cringe factor to them that I can't get over. Even the membership special TAZ guest episodes and popular series like Magic Tavern. They don't get me to suspend my disbelief, so some voice that's supposed to be an elf still sounds like a thirtysomething dude wearing elf ears. I've wondered why that is -- it's not because the McElroys are better radio actors than anybody else (well, Justin started decently and recently he's been improving noticeably) -- and I've come to the conclusion it's mostly because I've been listening to MBMBAM and TAZ for long enough that I've heard this particular set of voices fucking around on nearly everything already, so if they happen to be an elf or a dwarf or suddenly change gender for a while, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ that's how it goes.
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I can't believe Griffin McElroy turned into a car.

Right? Every single thing about Griffy's play in this thing was a goddamn delight. The choice to play his eleven-year-old self was inspired, and then the caricaturization of that eleven-year-old self was hilarious.

I was driving when I heard the thing with the car, and I was very glad I was at a stoplight so I could bray with laughter for a minute and not have to worry about holding the wheel straight.
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