My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 480: Everlasting Stringburger
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There's only one surprisingly proportioned beef sandwich capable of stitching up the wide wounds carved across human civilization; and we're the ones to invent it. (Not cook it, mind you. Good lord, we cannot fathom how to go about cooking Longburger. God, the logistics are dizzying.) Suggested talking points: Mars 2113, Moon Germany, Oops All Croutons!, Great Sturg' Spots, Haunted House Acting, Morgue Benefits, The Longburger
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I don't know if they were making a deliberate reference to TimeCube or if they've never heard of that and the intro was a total coincidence.
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They have definitely talked about TimeCube on the show before (I'm pretty sure?).
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It took me a bit too long to realize that Mars 2112 was a real thing.
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That whole bit was excruciatingly long. I wanted to be like dudes we can't see these hilarious photos and I'm driving. I'm just driving along listening to them laugh at something I have no idea what for like 10 minutes. And Griffin even did his thing of knowing when that's happening and it didn't even work! It kind of soured me on the rest of the episode. The thing about a podcast is you're sitting through a real conversation in real time and when it goes bad like conversations do sometimes you're trapped and there's nothing you can do but politely sit through it. And then I find I have that same weird fake smile I do when I'm trapped in a conversation that isn't actually funny. But I definitely wouldn't do that for any other medium. It's weird.

Also I was listening to the Patrick Rothfus episode over the weekend and noticed how the guest segments used to be more of a multi-question hang sesh instead of just one question. It seemed a lot less awkward and weird that way but I can see how it would be easier to arrange.
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i like that the guestperts only do one question now because i don't really like when they have guestperts on.
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True and same!
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The longburger bit was inspired.
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So hungry for a big heapin' bowl of croutons after this episode.
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Oh yeah and also that whole bit was extruciating for me because croutons to me are like the sensation of a chainsaw in your mouth. CRRROONNNCCHHHHHH and every time they said "crouton" it reminded me of CCROOONNNCCHHHH
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I absolutely snack on croutons.
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My feeling on the Guestperts is that they're pleasant enough, almost universally people whose work I admire, and it's a nice change of pace, but I almost always would rather be listening to the brothers goofing. Felicia Day is awesome and was fine. The only ones I can think of that I really thought were great, though, were LMM, John Roderick, and Elsie Fisher. Miranda and Fisher because they both had a just super natural vibe with the brothers and brought a fresh voice into it that seemed to fit well, and Roderick because his advice was so fascinating and well-put (like the bit about how by the time you know about a music scene, that scene is already closed to new members; go out, start playing with other people, and form your own scene.)

And I went to Mars 2112 back in the day. The food was much better than I expected, though that was probably a low bar to clear.
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The only ones I can think of that I really thought were great, though, were LMM, John Roderick, and Elsie Fisher.

I thought Jimmy Buffet was amazing, and not just because of the inherent joke of them getting Jimmy Buffet. Dude's hilarious. Also Griffin Newman - after his ep I binged the new The Tick and added his podcast to my feed.
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Not related to the current episode, but I was looking online last night and found this gem:

I have a Shrimp! Heaven! Now! bumper sticker on my car and someone just left this lil note for me, tucked into the wiper.

As a relative newcomer to the brothers McElroy, I was unaware of Shrimp! Heaven! Now! but this animation set me straight.
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fifteen schnitzengruben: That's not all! At the live show in Brooklyn the following week, a special guest opened the show with this.
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