My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 481: I Have Seen Every Bird
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Look, the title ain't lying, and you'd have no way of proving it if it were. One of us has seen every bird, full stop. We're the new high score on the birdwatcher leaderboard, and who's gonna argue against that? The birds? Probably not the birds. Suggested talking points: Spookily, Raccoon Trash Strats (feat. John Hodgman), Dickbilled Priebus, Freakied and Fridayed, Ammunition for the Soda Wars
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They mentioned Meta Filter!

Notice me Senpai!!!
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I've long suspected one or more of the boys reads these comments. (Hi Travis!)
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I dunno the way he said "And it's on Metafilter, who knew!" could go either way. Alot of regular metafilter users still don't know any of the subsites even exist!

Maybe I just don't understand what it's like to be a parent but any time they talk about their kids watching weird youtube stuff I just get stressed out because like.. the baby is 2 and is a baby... you are in charge of what they watch. Knowing what we know about how youtube poisons peoples' brains and you're just going to... sit them down in front of it and let them have a ball until they start throwing tantrums when you take it away? You know you could have just, not sat them down in front of weird youtube? I don't get it. There's so much kids programming out there but you put garbage in front of your kids and then complain about it like it's something they did? Or are actively doing to you in Justin's case? Literally why? Then I was thinking well maybe it's important that your kid come out of your house with the same brain poisoning as the rest of their generation so they will fit in later and I guess maybe that's legit but is that really why?
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That extended segment about their babies bullying them with what they choose to watch followed up by yet another guest segment made this the first episode I just had to turn off because I was too annoyed.
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Also to be clear I'm not really criticizing their parenting choices I'm more criticizing them for the content of their comedy podcast which to me is so hard to understand that I can't really find it funny.
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i know i said last week i didn't like guestperts but also i would be fine if john hodgman was on every week.

bleep i really think your issues with the podcast are yours and yours alone, i find your opinions completely unrelatable
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The jokes they make on their comedy podcast don't necessarily reflect their real-life parenting choices; I don't think we really need to worry about their kids getting brain poisoning. Geez.

I'm usually a little lukewarm on the guestperts but John Hodgman is always a delight. (I listened to Judge John Hodgman every day when I was pregnant and having anxiety problems so when this kid turns out weird we'll know who to thank.)

and I *gasped* when Justin mentioned Metafilter. Squeeeee!
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