Mad Men: Blowing Smoke   Rewatch 
November 23, 2014 7:06 AM - Season 4, Episode 12 - Subscribe

In the midst of a crisis, Don runs into an old friend.
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One thing that Mad Men captures really well about life is how much one interaction can change what happens the rest of the day. A discussion with one person can lead to a fight with someone else. In this episode, Midge trying to come on to Don to get heroin money, leads to Don seeing the agency's actions as tawdry (and in turn helps inspire his way of changing the conversation.).

The one conversation coloring another happens pretty often with Betty taking her anger towards Don out on Sally.

P.S. I love the shot of Betty surrounded by the toys at the psychiatrist.
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And thumbs up to Kiernan Shipka on the way she acted when Betty said that she knew Glen better than Sally ever would. It was great how she immediately rejects it, but then with her eyes considers what her mother means.
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Poor Midge. "It's heroin, Don."
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