My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 483: Face 2 Face: Beemen
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We're taking a sick week and tossing up another live show from our most recent tour: Our maiden voyage to the good city Philadelphia. Unfortunately, we left that city worse off than we found it -- which is to say, covered in Beemen. We assume we will not be invited back.
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I laughed more and harder at Justin's bit about Gallagher than I ever have at bits by Gallagher.
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I just learned so, so much wonderful stuff about Gallagher tonight.

But I would listen to an entire episode of "Riddle Me Piss" and be happy.
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Candlenights news!

I really like the changes. I've made it a few times with my wife and had a great time but this will make for a much more relaxed trip. An afternoon show with some time to enjoy dinner? Yes please. A larger venue is definitely necessary and will make the ticket-buying less harrowing.

Anyone else planning to go?
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The Gallagher facts were hilarious, and he never even touched on the Marc Maron interview.

Can’t wait for future installments of Minion sayings. It’s very horse_ebooks / Da Share Zone
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They're better than any other podcast about keeping the Q&A section under control, but I still was cringing so hard.
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They're better than any other podcast about keeping the Q&A section under control, but I still was cringing so hard.

Finally. Until they started screening live questions by e-mail like they did the questions they read, it was becoming a nightmare. I've started just skipping live question sections when relistening to episodes from before they started doing that.

(I wonder if Judge John Hodgman has finally figured out how to find guests who aren't secretly on the show to do their best to demonstrate how clever and funny they think they are to John and the week's bailiff...)
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