Critical Role: Dark Bargains
November 4, 2019 8:08 PM - Season 2, Episode 83 - Subscribe

Now trapped within the astral dreadnought, the Mighty Nein must decide whether or not to trust the entity that they discover waiting inside...
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I'm still halfway through e82, but felt this news should be shared: Amazon Prime orders two seasons of Critical Role's animated Legend of Vox Machina series
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"Oh, we're not going to go in the Carving Farm, but we'll go into the Astral Dreadnought?"
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Well, looks like the campaign has a Big Bad.
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Wow Knott DIED and they barely even paused.

The group is going to have to deal with the repercussions of that.
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e83 is a rough one for Sam's characters, apparently (cf. Scanlan).

They had to move fast to get the Revivify off, and I think by that point, everyone in the group had realized just how incredibly dangerous the HFB was and wanted to get to the exit (stopping to take dragon parts is understandable given that they were right next to the door out, I think - no party is going to miss trying to grab some loot from a dragon they killed). And I have a sense that Nott is a bit more invested in what Halas has to share about changing bodies than to get hung up on dying - but Sam plays a long game with character stuff, so who knows?

The HFB continues to pay huge dividends for something that wasn't supposed to stay in the campaign (thanks Twiggy!); Matt's ability to work it into the main story is fantastic. They've connected with Alludra and have Ussa as an ally; they've been able to strike a blow at Gigglefist; and now they have a connection to an archmage who was around pre-Calamity and might have some insight into the Chained Oblivion or the other things Obann is waking up. Having to deal with Halas in order to move forward against the larger problem keeps things nicely compromised, morally, I think.
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Ever since the first name drop of Tharizdun I've been hoping he'd be the big and yessss.
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