Supernatural: Last Call
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Dean goes off on his own to take on a case; and Castiel has an idea on how he can help Sam track down God.
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I had to check if Dean's old pal had been on the show before. He hadn't. That's a little surprising, given all the characters coming back this season! I feel like this would have landed a little harder if it was a character we knew. It wouldn't surprise me if they wrote this around some hunter character we saw way back in season two or something, but then they couldn't get the actor. Christian Kane was good, though. Angel fans know that the guy excels at playing nuanced, self-pitying villains who could have been heroes if not for a few really shitty choices.

I had Kane pegged as the killer from the get-go, and I think everybody else probably did too. The show hardly seemed to be trying to hide it, given the shifty look the guy did when he was caught in the lie about how he didn't know the missing girl. So the only suspense came in finding out WHY the guy had gone bad, and while the episode was a little slow getting there the final confrontation was some good stuff.

This episode totally obliterates my idea that the series ends with Dean giving up hunting to run a bar. He actually seemed a little judge-y about his friend doing that. Dean might daydream about settling down, in Michael-induced visions, but it seems like he plans to keep hunting until the end. If anything I think Kane's character was like a dark reflection of Dean, everything he'd never want to be.

After the show spent a couple of seasons (unfairly!) making a big deal about how old and undesirable Dean has become, lately it seems like he's getting a lot of attention. Here the wannabe Denzel sheriff seemed to be flirting with him(?), the waitress was all over him and he got TWO pats on the ass. (One was admittedly just a hetero bro ass-pat, but it still counts!) Mostly it seems like he's getting flattering remarks from dudes, and not women. It started with the Jack-demon telling Dean he was gorgeous and I've noticed it a few other times this season, it's a thing. Dean seems to just shrug it off, but he doesn't get all freaked out by gay-ish stuff anymore so I'm calling that progress for our boy.

Ackles got to sing again, which was cute but makes me worry he's maybe got a little too much pull this season, what with all the singing and people swooning over him. The swooning and singing aren't BAD, but it needs to maybe calm down a little!
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I thought the waitress that was hitting on Dean would be the killer, but that Kane knew. I was surprised that she wasn't involved at all.
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I had Kane pegged as the killer from the get-go

Yeah, this one suffered from the same issue that a lot of the police-procedurals do: it's easy to tell who the killer is because it's the one actor you recognize from a zillion other shows. Not that I minded seeing Christian Kane again (I miss the Librarians!) but yeah, not really any mystery there.

This episode totally obliterates my idea that the series ends with Dean giving up hunting to run a bar.

As best I can tell, that was the main point of this episode? Dean seemed to also be considering giving up hunting, and this glimpse of a dark-mirror version of himself seemed a very deliberate way of closing off that possibility and re-affirming that he can't/won't ever stop hunting.
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The giveaway with Christian Kane was when he was all "nope, don't recognize her" and the waitress was all "doesn't she come in like, every week?" "Oh yeah, THAT one...." Sigh. That was a little weaksauce.

I love me some Christian Kane and the bro-singing, but he deserved better.

"After the show spent a couple of seasons (unfairly!) making a big deal about how old and undesirable Dean has become, lately it seems like he's getting a lot of attention."

Jensen Ackles is still hot and the previous episodes making him sound old and busted was just wrong, wrong, wrong. I don't know how the man does it, but he's still goddamned gorgeous.
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Finally caught this one on streaming and it was...ok. Mrs Ber liked her Dean singing. Good to see Dean and Cas starting to communicate. I suspect Sam is being set up for trauma at the death of another female character. Been there, done that, won't forgive this show for offing Charlie.
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Fan of Christian Kane, too bad he was cast to type.

All good points about how Kane/ Leo Webb as a dark mirror to Dean. Someone he aspired to be when younger, but recognizing that he (Dean) has become too much like Webb - and all the undesireable associations thereof. A "growing up" moment for Dean.

Personally, I've been a Webb, in that regard.

This does feel like a "final season" type season - historically, was this known to be The Last season?

Last episode, there was Cas discovering/ bonding with Melly Krokowski (I'm also a fan of Jennifer Spence).

This episode also has Sam developing feelings with Eileen Leahy - though my feelings of "this has become a kids' show" only catching an ep or two here/ there originally is cemented by how their courtship is played out.

Like, for sure, Sam and Eileen were good to each other in the past and their coupling is a no-brainer but the written depiction of Sam being "embarrassed" and Dean teasing him doesn't quite work for almost-40 year olds, especially Sam's response, regardless of that he had just recently raised her from the dead (with the subtext that she might just be into him because of that, when it was obvious that she'd been into him from 'back in the day').

Though, Dean getting a little bit of (sexual) attention (again) feels "inclusive" in an "everybody gets a ribbon" kind of way. But, again, further emphasis on Dean introspecting even more on how he doesn't actually love his life (following his father as a father figure) would be more of a downer than what the show's tumblr-friendly direction could accommodate.

Between Padalecki and Ackles - I'm not surprised at all that JP has a 'Walker' retread and JA is going to have a not-insignificant role in 'The Boys.' I suspect that Ackles is going to have a decent continuing career, especially if he gets a chance at a future role against type and doesn't flub it. Padalecki, not so much - but I doubt he's going to be bothered by that.
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Dean: It means I got to... I got to get out of here, okay? I just... I got to... I'm gonna take a drive, clear my head.
Sam: Alone?
Dean: Yeah, you know, you and Eileen, you guys are having fun. I don't want to spoil that, you know?
Sam: Yeah, go, go. Clear your head. Eileen and I have stuff to do.
Dean: Yeah, I'll bet you do. Yeah? Hmm?
Sam: It's not like that. I meant looking for Chuck and Lilith and...
Dean: Sure. Got it. Um, okay, but if, uh, things go your way, just make sure you put the sock on the door so I know.

Castiel: But your wound... it's still not healed?
Sam: No.
Castiel: Good. I've been thinking about that gun, the, uh... the Equalizer? When you shot God, it fired a piece of your soul.
Sam: Okay.
Castiel: So there may be some of you inside Chuck.
Eileen: Ewwww.

Castiel: I figure, after Jack, you owe me.
Sergei: And I'd love to pay my debt, but, unfortunately, this weekend, I'm with my niece. She just got a rolling scholarship at USC, and I promised to take her shopping, so...
Castiel: Let me rephrase. If you don't help me tonight, I will find you and burn you alive.
Sergei: My, how your negotiation skills have improved.

Sally: She was a good girl, you know? She... she loved Jesus and...
Lee: And America, too.
Dean: Sally, just tell me what happened.
Sally: We left B's around closing. I was pretty hammered, but Angela, she was helping me to her car when I needed... you know, I got sick. And when I was done, she was gone. Angela was raptured, and I was left behind.
Dean: And the car went missing, too, right?
Sally: Yeah, it got raptured, too, I guess.
Lee: You can't rapture a car.
Sally: It was a good car.


Dean uses the alias "Agent Dukes" in this episode, and the song he performs with Lee is "Good Ol' Boys," the theme song of The Dukes of Hazzard, which features a family named Duke.

The version of "Good 'Ol Boys" is the extended one where they sing the verse "I'm a good ol' boy My mama loves me But she don't understand They keep showing my hands And not my face on TV". Because the would show Waylon Jennings the singer sitting down picking his guitar at the beginning of each episode before the credits and Jennings got frustrated they weren't showing his face so he wrote this verse.

Lee challenges Dean to sing on stage by telling him, "You can't just sit around lip syncing 'Eye of the Tiger' while no one's watchin'." This is a reference to the gag reel where Jensen actually lip synced to the song while maneuvering out of the Impala.

Christian Kane has also sung in episodes of other series: Angel, Leverage, The Librarians, and Almost Paradise, often co-writing the songs performed.

Christian Kane is singing "The House Rules" from his 2010 album of the same name when Dean arrives at the bar.

The bar house band, known as "The Impalas", is entirely composed of Supernatural crew members. The Impalas first played the 100th episode party and played many additional wrap parties and united again for the 300th episode party at the world-famous Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver.

The bar is called Swayze's after Patrick Swayze, who is a son of Texas and starred in the movie Road House 30 years before this episode was made.

The episode is set in Texas. Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Christian Kane are all from Texas.

Before the final battle Dean and Lee exchange the words: "Want a shot at the title?", answered by, "Don't mind if I do." This is a quote from Lethal Weapon.

The beer drunk in the bar is Family Business Beer Company brand, which is owned by Jensen Ackles, Danneel Ackles, and her brother.

The missing girl's car is an Impala from early 2000s.

While passed out, Sam has a vision of Chuck's memories. The page that Sam sees is from the monologue about the Impala from "Swan Song" (ep. 5.22).

At one point, Sergei tells Castiel he is acting very Russian. Misha Collins has some Russian ancestry.
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What is Sergei, exactly? Is he a warlock?

Sam and Eileen do have great chemistry. When we see them happily making breakfast together, it's like they're already a couple, just doing something mundane and finding it perfectly satisfying because they're enjoying each other's company so much.

Until I saw this episode the first time, I'd never heard Dean sing, and I actually didn't know what to expect, but that was a pretty nice showpiece.
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