Project Runway: Cats of the Urban Jungle
December 14, 2019 8:56 AM - Season 18, Episode 2 - Subscribe

It’s designers gone wild! In this week’s challenge they must create a fresh take on a timeless classic: animal prints. Taking inspiration from the upcoming film, Cats, the designers need to tame their prints into cool street style looks that can compete on the runway and in the Flash Sale challenge.

No Tom and Lorenzo but here is bravo's fashion recap.
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Tom and Lorenzo cover it in the latter half of their podcast with photos.

I liked this episode; I like it when the challenges have narrow parameters. What I didn't like was the surprise pop sale or whatever it's called after they'd sketched their design and bought the fabric. That's for mall fashions and really limits the finished work so right away you know that anything really intricate will get passed over. That said, I was fine with the win but I disagreed with who they sent home. Victoria should've been in the bottom instead of the top (wtf???!!) and Dayoung along with Geoffrey.
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Episode 2 is about the point in every season where I realize either I just don't "get" the sort of fashion they're going for, or something. Honestly, just about every look made me want to scream and pull my hair out.

IT'S.ALL.SO.FUCKING.BORING! You get ANIMAL PRINT! You can get ANY fabric with animal print. It could be neon. It could be textured. Hell, even "natural" animals have amazing colors (cough*parrot print*cough).

But no. It's fucking beige, brown, tan, black, and cream. For almost everyone. The designers wear more interesting clothes than they make 90% of the time. I thought the point was to be eye catching and cutting edge so someone wants to pull you aside and take your picture, right? No amount of beige and tan is going to catch my attention.

Delvin should have won. It was impeccable and different. But they literally can't make something for sale like that.
Nancy was my second favorite. It had some color and the top was really cool with the fabric texture she created and the shape.
Chelsey's look was cool and cute and at least had some interesting details with the print placement.

I also thought Victoria was going home. It looked like two dresses got pulled into a shredder.

Anyway, I hate to be negative. But I REALLY go into it every year hoping for something I rarely seem to get. I just want color, texture, interesting silhouettes, for goodness sake actual patterns!
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I thought both Nancy and Brittany should have been in the top. Victoria - no way. And who said Serena Williams could wear that thing?! I mean, she can wear anything but ugh, not that! I did feel bad for Dayoung but her outfit was dowdy. And I don't even know what to say about Sergio's - very curious what the judges thought about that thing. So glad Geoffrey was saved, I think he'll make some great stuff.
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Marquis and Delvin's entries were both really, really good, and it was clearly very close. (And I would wear Delvin's entry in a heartbeat.) But I agreed with the decision. Look, Delvin is absofuckinglutely going to go on to win plenty of challenges, and Marquis is more of an unknown quantity, but he utterly nailed the "streetwear" aesthetic and combined those animal prints cleverly. My 85 year old mother said "I would've killed for that outfit in the mid-60s when animal prints got really big; I would have worn it with tights and ankle boots."

(I have nothing to say about that thing that Victoria made. I don't get it.)

As for the bottom three, I thought they were really, really hard on Tyler. I fell for his sweet origami story and at least his design was well-made, had a viewpoint, and referenced the Cats theme. Okay, so they felt it was a dated take on streetwear, fair. But if we're gonna rules-lawyer this thing, than haul Sergio out there in the bottom three for his pompous goddamn EVENING DRESS WITH A FUCKING TRAIN as "streetwear." Please tell me they're setting up Sergio to fall hard.
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I love that Delvin finished his with time to spare. Yes, Christian, people can be done, and do a good job, quickly! Use the time you need, not the time you have.
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