Star vs. The Forces of Evil: Star Comes to Earth / Party with a Pony
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Star is sent to Earth and her best friend visits.

Wikipedia synopsis: On her 14th birthday, Princess Star Butterfly receives a magical wand, but when she sets fire to the castle, she is sent to Earth to train. There, she enrolls in Echo Creek Academy where the principal pairs her with Marco Diaz, a reputed "safe kid". Upon befriending Marco, Star ends up discovering his skills when she is attacked by Ludo and his army of monsters. / Star receives a visit from Flying Princess Pony Head, her best friend from Mewni. Pony Head is jealous that Marco is Star's best friend on Earth. She invites Star and Marco to various dance clubs, but she competes with Marco for Star's attention and tries to strand him at a video arcade. Meanwhile, guards have been hot on Pony Head's trail. Eventually, King Pony Head arrives to have the guards take Pony Head to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses.
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I started Star vs the Forces of Evil earlier this year after some of my Steven Universe live-bloggers on Tumblr began blogging about it, but it didn't stick. Its arrival on Disney+ seemed like a good opportunity to give it another chance, and I figured I'd make FanFare posts for it since there weren't any, yet. That said, I'm still watching it on Hulu, so I'm using the Hulu episode descriptions and format; I don't know if Disney+ handles this differently.

This first pair of episodes pretty well encapsulates how I felt about the show when I first stopped watching: strong animation, catchy music, slightly more zaniness than I'm comfortable with, but a clear narrative progression. Star's an animated protagonist who actually changes her outfit from one episode to the next! The opening's great! The storytelling, like Star herself, is a little bit Too Much! And we've got Ludo introduced as a clear recurring villain, and the threat of St. Olga's already claiming Star's first bestie.

Star seemed surprised that Pony Head had dimensional scissors, and clearly didn't have any of her own, which makes me wonder how they got to the Bounce Lounge or the arcade on previous visits? I guess those could have been parentally-approved trips.

Anyway, I'm going to keep adding episodes as I watch them, which means they'll show up in clumps at irregular intervals. Please feel free to add more yourself if you get ahead of me.
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Thinking about it more, I'm kind of astonished Marco is so excited by the opportunity to fight monsters, considering the kid's otherwise portrayed as incredibly risk-averse. Marco is a story in contrasts.
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Flying Princess Pony Head

Jenny Slate’s greatest role, undoubtedly.
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i really love this show and i think it does a lot of things really well that i didn't expect it to get into! i should definitely rewatch it (again)
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I love Star's boots. Give it a few episodes, once it gets going it just keeps getting better.
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