My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 490: Ewdaddy
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What is ... flavor? What defines the essence of an object's true, unambiguous taste? Is flavor, perhaps, in the tongue of the food-haver? Also, mind if we sprinkle a little bit of dirt on this lasagna? Suggested talking points: Log Recommendations, A Whole Nut?, That One's Spice, The Bad Boy of Sudoku, Mike's Secret Milkshake, Potions and Chili, Cool Whip Mysteries
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There is an old MST3K short about buying food where a hapless husband goes grocery shopping and panics, buying strange things because he doesn't have a list. I often think of it while shopping and the phrase, "He and his wife did not enjoy the new vegetable."

Was totally thinking about that when they mentioned buying Cool Whip because it's a pleasant-sounding name!

Also, dammit I can't remember the number of times my love potions have too many onions and beans in them.
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Cool Whip is kinda gross. The flavor is off and the texture tries and fails to replicate whipped cream and ends up feeling more like whipped Crisco.

I like the concept of ewdaddy as an antithesis to umami, and I would love it if, ten years from now, food scientists are using the term in their scholarship.
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I think, more accurately, EWWdaddy is the antithesis to OOHmommy.
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I laughed so fucking hard at the can-opening. It was 6am and I was riding my bike in the dark to work and I'm pretty sure I probably scared some good folk just waiting for the bus, and I apologize to them for potentially creepin' 'em out.

Also, yes, witches have covens and also witch-parties, and also cook for one -- they got magic, they can keep those leftovers fresh.
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