Rude Tales of Magic: When You're Here
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Exhausted and fed up, our heroes battle and cajole their way through the last leg of the Teenage Woods and its ridiculous denizens. But what lies beyond? After all this, can you go home again? And what might you find there? Can our heroes bear the revelations of the Dawn house? Can you?
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"and as you exit the shade, Stirfry doesn't emerge behind you."
"Oh great"

This one is pretty slight plot-wise, but it's still a lot of fun. I can't draw or do animation for the life of me, but am really struck by the desire to animate Stirfry's explanation of his dreams of being a basketball and swishing through the net. It's just too good.

A big ep for Stirf as he maybe recognizes for the first time that people maybe... don't like him? I'm really interested to see how the character develops from here.

I also love the quiet moments in this episode, the conversation with Cordelia and Frederick at the beginning about her new infernal magics is great - "The wind blew through my skeleton bones." As is Albee and Bellow's moment near the end. I do love how even though she's crushing bad, he's pretty dim in a way and I'm not sure they'll have a real connection. I remember "WHY DO I LIKE YOU" being something that's come up more than once.

I remember seeing Branson say he was totally prepared to go with the "pretend to be spiders" plan, and on relisten he does try to push it a few times. That would be a great fanfic prompt.

And this catches us up to the feed, so new eps will be posted as they become available (and feel free to post them if you don't see them go up quickly!). This week's episode is delayed for medical reasons but hopefully all is well and it will arrive soon enough.
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Thanks for posting these. Hopefully this show picks ups some momentum somewhere so it's not just you and I in these threads.

I think they are doing a great job of balancing "side-quests" and "main plot" so far. I still really care about what happened to old PU (and, now, the Dawn family and/or the rest of the world???) but I'm perfectly content to have them fight some spiders or solve an elf murder along the way.

Carly did such a great job with ramping up Albee's transition from relief at being home to panic at what she found.
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hey there! also listening too!! most of my commentary on this app just happens to be cackling about things like calling an NPC "Daddy" or somebody calling somebody else a nasty freak, hopefully I'll have more to say as the plot picks up a bit more in future installments.
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The NPC accents are pleasingly varied (I enjoyed the Monty-Python-Cockney voice of the aristocratic Bunny in the previous episode), and the drow spider-farmer's accent here was just... wild, like a mixture of like... Italian and... New York? I'm starting a new D&D campaign soon and this podcast is really pushing me to up my NPC accent game.

Stirfry's wish to be a basketball reminds me of Dan Ryckert's desire to become an "in-play racketball".
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"These moves you're describing, you're gonna need to do like, an Acrobatics check for that"
"Hell yeah, that's my speciality, babyyy!!" *rolls a 1*
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