Rude Tales of Magic: Fools Crush In (LIVE in Brooklyn)
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The gang is whisked away by a malevolent, though romantic, force who will pry every secret from their most hidden hearts! Can they survive his psychological gauntlet? What truth will out? This was the first ever live show, recorded in Brooklyn New York.
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I love low stakes episodes like this that try to poke and prod a bit at the character dynamics and see what shakes out. The Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle games kind of reminded me of the challenges Survivor has had that tend to reveal the pecking order.

The pecking order on Rude Tales is Toucan, Stirfry. Honorable mention to Flipcup but he doesn't have a beak. The cast really seems to be a bit frustrated with Stirfry, which will really pop off in the next regular episode.

Albee's crush on Bellow is so cute, and Cordelia is a true friend to help her hide it.
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I never really love live episodes of podcasts, and Rude Tales is, unfortunately, not exempt. That said, even as my least favorite ep so far, it is still delightful and fun.
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I was underwhelmed the first time through but I enjoyed it a lot more the second time (possibly because I was paying more attention). One of my favourite things in RoM is when the cast get into some hare-brained improvised scheme (like the illusion wedding) and then the DM has to play along.
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