Supernatural: Girls, Girls, Girls
November 27, 2014 11:39 PM - Season 10, Episode 7 - Subscribe

After a couple of monster of the week episodes we seem to be returning to this season's arc. The Winchester boys aim to break up a demonic bordello but stumble across a powerful witch named Rowena instead.

So, a couple of big things here:
  • Hannah seems to be out of the picture, although who knows if she'll turn up again in a different vessel, Ruby-style?
  • Cole seems to be off of Dean's case for now, although I assume he'll be back in some way or another. Fellow hunter?
  • Crowley has a mom!
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This felt pretty lame after the last couple episodes, but I'll admit I mostly watch Supernatural for the meta stuff anymore. ("Clown college Collette?" is gonna crack me up for ages now.)

Let's see... thoughts:
* Hannah's release of her vessel is the first thing a non-Castiel angel has done to impress me in possibly ever. Angels are usually my very least favorite part of Supernatural, as their incredible power level has the writers constantly giving them an Idiot Ball, but her acknowledging the inherent wrongness of what they're doing was nice. I honestly hope she doesn't return to Earth, but that they can talk in Heaven later. Since it's the final season, it would be nice to see the angels willingly decide to start behaving better.

* Cole should probably return. He's seen too much. Plus, it would be fun to see them teaming up.

* Crowley mentioned having a mother who was a witch back during... I wanna say when they were blackmailing him about his bones. Having seen approximately eleventy million hours of Supernatural, I couldn't say, but I remember that bit specifically. I knew she'd be his mom the second they captured her alive, and was a little surprised it took him so long to figure it out.

Hm. For my part, I'm curious how they're going to wrap this all up.
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This was the first episode I've enjoyed in ages. Dean got to be a shameless horn dog and Sam got to snark on him about it. Someone in the writing room had a brilliant idea how to get rid of the f'ing angels once and for all. It negates whatever the storyline was supposed to be for the past few seasons but whatever! I'll take it. There were several good fights, monsters using their powers for normal petty reasons and good secondary characters. I particularly enjoyed how stabby the prostitutes were. Also Cole's jeep. That's totally what he'd drive.
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I'm down with the angels being gone as long as we get to keep Cas.

Yeah, all in all I enjoyed this episode. Rowena is fun to watch. It's an arc episode that generally manages to avoid dourness. Some good action (I dug Dean throwing Cole through the windshield).

Oh, and I loved the (surviving) prostitute telling Rowena to fuck right off.
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Mordax where are you getting your info that seasn 10 is the final one? I can't find anything online to corroberate this and considering the size and passion of the fandom I think it would be splashed across most fan friendly spaces.

Anyhue. I enjoyed this ep, I liked Hannah but did not like the Hannah / Castiel sub-plot because it felt like it had nowhere to go. It was just something the creative team cooked up to give Mischa something to do.

Seven episodes into what is probably a 22 episode run and so far the "Big Bad" appear to mostly be humans. I hope they can pull that kind of storytelling off. It would be refreshing.
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Of all things, it seems the show is really righting itself.

I don't know if I can survive the loss of Castiel if that's their end game, but I definitely won't mind the Angels staying in heaven for a bit. I do wonder what the ramifications of Hannah's voluntary letting go of her host will be in Heaven, if she will take her guilt and decision back and spread it through the Heavenly Host.

Crowley. Mother issues. This should be interesting. I'm a sucker for Scottish accents, so even though Rowena isn't necessarily the most interesting character, I'm okay that she's living to see another episode. Yup. I'm an accentite.

I know we've encountered covens before and what not, but have we ever run into a "good" Coven of witches?

Cole was cool, but I'll be happy if he can just go back to his family and life. It's the one thing that Sam and Dean simply cannot have, and it would be poignant for someone who is ripe to become a hunter to take the off ramp back to normalcy. This being Supernatural, it probably won't hold.
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