Supernatural: Hibbing 911
December 4, 2014 10:58 PM - Season 10, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Sheriff Jody Mills is forced to attend a sheriff's retreat and teams up with Sheriff Donna Hanscum when mostly consumed bodies start piling up in town.

Sheriff Hanscum was previously seen in "The Purge" (Season 9, Episode 13).
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I now want a spinoff of Sheriffs Hanscum and Mills, odd couple monster hunters.
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I now want a spinoff of Sheriffs Hanscum and Mills, odd couple monster hunters.

I'd totally watch that. (It was delightful to watch two female characters getting to hunt and generally be treated like people on this show.)
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The way that Jody Mills was mentioned in 'Fan Fiction', and then she showed up a few episodes later, makes me wonder if they're finally going to deal with Adam (also mentioned by the same character) in the Pit.
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I now want a spinoff of Sheriffs Hanscum and Mills, odd couple monster hunters.

Yes, so much this. That terrible backdoor pilot to the failed attempt at a spin-off? That was not a show the world needs. But this? Jodi and Donna as buddy-cop partners in a Fargo-esque black comedy with a Supernatural twist? Oh my god I would watch the hell out of that show forever. That, truly, is the Supernatural spin-off the world needs.
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Its kind of inevitable that hunters and law enforcement would develop some working connections. The fact that it's Jody and Donna and not something like the fbi team from "The Following" cracks me up.
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That terrible backdoor pilot to the failed attempt at a spin-off? That was not a show the world needs.

Yeah, what the hell were they thinking? Did they really think Supernatural fans wanted something like that? What a misunderstanding of their audience.

Also, Jodi and Donna's logistical support/Bobby equivalent would have to be Mrs. Tran.
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Also, Jodi and Donna's logistical support/Bobby equivalent would have to be Mrs. Tran.

I do not have the ability to favorite this hard enough.
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I need to get this ep!
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I've been hearing multiple calls for a spinoff after this episode, and while it's unlikely to happen I'd like to see it. SO much better than the backdoor thing they tried. In addition to being kind of dull, that episode didn't even feel like it was set in the same universe as Supernatural. (Shapeshifters seemed to work in some whole new way, for instance.) The tone was off, and it really, really felt like somebody else's middling CW pilot being folded into the Supernatural 'verse.

But the odd couple lady sheriffs TOTALLY felt like part of the franchise, it had that blue collar, scrappy, hard luck feel I associate with this show. (And I was kind of crushing on both gals, I'll admit it. It was a rare joy to see two attractive but middle-age and real-looking women on TV.)
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Definitely agreeing with everything about our two sheriffs. Donna is a character that is almost such an exaggeration it's unavoidable to use her as a comic foil and nothing else, but instead, they offered some depth to her character and made her kick some Vampire butt. The second she smiled at Jodi (I think she did) with Vampire blood splatter on her face, I thought, "Donna ain't so bad!" I think it would be safe to say that there wouldn't be any other shows on like this buddy cop.

I was slightly disappointed we didn't get to see Donna assert herself more concerning her ex-husband. Jodi obviously said what we all wanted to be said, but it would have been nice if Donna had an opportunity to reveal that she had overcome her own barriers to speaking up for herself.

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like there's a certain level of the suspension of disbelief anymore when Sam and Dean get clocked so easily anymore? I feel like Dean, particularly, has a pretty good situational awareness and isn't one to have something sneak up on him and knock him over the head. I think this was scene number 7 or so when the Winchesters are knocked out, wake up tied in a barn, and the villain spouts off too much and gives one of the brothers time to get lose and save the day. Incidentally, it was a lumber mill, I think with the second Jodi episode, where this kind of happened (she was on the table saw or something?).

I'm also happy that Jodi survived it. Given the show's rep, I keep thinking every Jodi episode will be the one they kill her off in.
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Oh my god, I love this episode so much (yes, still doing late show catchup). Desperately want "Hanscum and Mills" as a spinoff. Donna was delightful and she and Jody (Jodi?) complimented each other so well. Donna's friendliness getting them into see the corpse, Jody standing up for Donna, both of them mutually disgusted at the gun seller.... and now THEY FIGHT VAMPIRES!
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Dean: This badge means something.
Sam: I made it at Kinkos.
Dean: Yes you did. Be proud of that.

Dean: [on speaker phone] Hey, Jody. How's Alex holding up?
Sheriff Jody Mills: Awesome, already head of the cheerleading squad.
Sam: Wow. Really?
Sheriff Jody Mills: No, Sam, she smokes grass under the bleachers. But at least she's not luring men to their deaths.
Sam: Right.

Sheriff Donna Hanscum: Wait so, when we were at the weight loss spa...
Dean: Monsters, sucking out your fat. We took care of it.
Sheriff Donna Hanscum: Ah jeez. I knew losing ten pounds that fast was too good to be true.

Sheriff Jody Mills: You okay?
Sheriff Donna Hanscum: Yeah, other than feeling like I wanna hurl. I just chopped off a vampire's head.
Sheriff Jody Mills: You were great at that.
Sheriff Donna Hanscum: Thanks.

Sam: [referring to Sheriff Donna Hanscum] You mind distracting her while we poke around?
Sheriff Jody Mills: You show up, and now I'm a babysitter?
Dean: Look, she hasn't gotten mixed up with this crap yet. Let's just try to keep it that way.
Sheriff Jody Mills: Fine. But if she tries to show me her sticker collection, I'm out.

Chaz: [showing off gun] Officer ladies, check this one out. You can take it to lunch, to the gym, have your nails done. She's always by your side.
Sheriff Jody Mills: [picks up another gun] How about this puppy?
Chaz: Oh. Well, it depends. Think you can handle a big one?
Sheriff Jody Mills: [gun cocks] Sigma, right?
Sheriff Donna Hanscum: 10 pounds pull weight. Cute.
Sheriff Jody Mills: Call this a big one? Hope you drive a Porsche.

Sheriff Donna Hanscum: [watching Doug dancing] I used to put the cans in his cart.
Sheriff Jody Mills: Are you really missing much?

Sheriff Donna Hanscum: What the cuss? A vampire?

Dean: All due respect, Sheriff, but vampires are far more dangerous than the Johns you throw in jail. You're gonna sit this one out.
Sheriff Donna Hanscum: Stuff you, Dean! Or whatever your real name is.

Sheriff Jody Mills: [to Doug] What is wrong with you? You get off on fat-shaming chicks? [to Donna] You are so not fat, by the way. [turns back to Doug] And you -- you are just a douche.

Sheriff Donna Hanscum: So. Fresh corpse, jerk ex-husband, out of control teen. Wanna get blingo'd on my mini-bar and watch pay-per-view?

Sheriff Doug Kontos: Well, aren't you looking good, huh?
Sheriff Donna Hanscum: I lost 6 pounds.
Sheriff Doug Kontos: Hey! You're 1/4 of the way there! Hey, uh, you think you could toss me a couple extra meal vouchers? I mean, since you won't be using them?

Sheriff Doug Kontos: If you're trying to pull the wool over this one, you got the wrong girl. Sheriff Hanscum here is a wolf in sheepskin, right?
Sheriff Donna Hanscum: Thank you. Wolves are majestic creatures.

Dean: Agents Criss and Frehley. Looking for the sheriff. [several hands go up] Of... Hibbing.

Starr: It's all love pretty boy. All of you will become all of us. We won't waste one bit.
Dean: Okay Mufasa, enough with the circle of life crap.

Sam: [to Dean, who is doing research in the bunker library] We got nothing on the Mark?
Dean: Right, you think these eggheads with all the crap they amassed over the years would have actually collected something important. Ah, here... [holds up book] He-Wolf, She-
Wolf: A Study in Werewolf Transgenderism
; six hundred pages, volume one. But, uh, something important, like I don't know maybe the oldest symbol known to man, that's not worth our time; it's not weird enough.

Sheriff Jody Mills: Honestly Donna, I just met the guy but, Doug seems like kind of a dick.
Sheriff Donna Hanscum: But he was *my* dick... I'm gonna hit the can, you know, where it's less gross.

Sheriff Donna Hanscum: [in a vampire's motel room] Look at all this sunblock, you'd think he's at the Copacabana or something.
Sheriff Jody Mills: I'll explain later.

Sheriff Jody Mills: What body?
Sheriff Kevin Ott: Trashmen found it behind the hardware store this morning, *eaten*.
Sheriff Donna Hanscum: Eaten how?
Sheriff Kevin Ott: Like nothing left but the peach pit, you know?

Dean: Len's like your Charlie Manson?
Starr: Ohhh. Charlie couldn't hold a candle to Len. He taught us everything.
Dean: Yeah, I'm sure it was all Kombucha and Kumbaya.

Sheriff Jody Mills: It's not enough that you kill people. You've got to rob them, too?
Starr: We scavenge. We don't sip and go. We use every part of the buffalo.
Sheriff Jody Mills: And to think I gave you lunch money.


Sam was kidnapped in this town in the first season episode "The Benders" (ep. 1.15).

The title of this episode references the cop spoof comedy Reno 911!

The aliases Sam and Dean are using in this episode are Agent Frehley and Agent Criss. This is a reference to guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss of the hard rock band Kiss. Sam had already established this fake identity in the season nine episode "The Purge" (ep. 9.13), during which the guys first met Sheriff Donna Hanscum.

The address Sheriff Donna traces on the note pad with a pencil is 424 Cripple Creek Dr., a reference to the song "Up on Cripple Creek" by The Band whose song "The Weight" plays as Dean and Sam turn into the parking lot of the lodge.

Starr is the name of one of the vampires in The Lost Boys.

Dean tells Starr, "Okay Mufasa, enough of the 'Circle of Life' crap." Mufasa was the king of the pride lands in The Lion King, a Disney musical in which a principal song is "The Circle of Life". Picking up on The Lion King theme, Sheriff Donna tells Starr after she cuts off her head, "Hakuna matata, lady."

The graffiti face the tagger is drawing in the opening is very similar to the logo for the band Nirvana.

In the first scene in the alley as the monster is attacking the tagger, just to the right of the tagger's wall there's graffiti that reads "BH" and the "B" looks like it came straight from the logo for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

When Sam, Dean, Jody, and Donna are getting into the Impala to go to the farm, Donna sits behind Sam and Jody sits behind Dean but when they get to the farm Donna is behind Dean and Jody is behind Sam.

Sheriff Len Cuse's uniform reads "Hibbing County, Minnesota". There is no Hibbing County in Minnesota. The City of Hibbing is in St. Louis County.

When Sam, Dean and Sheriff Donna are tied to posts in the barn, Sheriff Donna uses her broken eye glasses and Dean uses a protruding nail to cut through their ropes and get free. Modern eye glasses are made of plastic and wouldn't cut through a thick rope. And it's highly unlikely that Dean could cut through a rope with a nail in the time given.

When Donna gives the address she found to Sam, he searches the address on his phone. But as we see, he begins typing into a Notepad window on his smartphone, but then hits a button and it gives him search results as if he used a search engine.
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It is pretty cool to have Jody and Donna meet on their own and become friends. With them, and the advent of Rowena, we finally have some ongoing female characters who are over 30 and don't look like Maxim cover models. It's not like Sam and Dean are all that young themselves anymore -- they're 31 and 35. Briana Buckmaster is just four days older than Jared Padalecki, and Ruth Connell is over a year younger than Jensen Ackles.

I do wish the writers didn't have to make SUCH A BIG HAIRY DEAL out of Donna's weight, though.
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Speaking of older characters, I never thought I'd be watching Hank from Corner Gas and saying, "wow, does silver hair ever suit him."

Echoing everybody who likes the sheriff team-up, even if Donna was too much of a cliched "nice" character (and one too easily put forth as an object of ridicule because of her weight) right from the start.
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