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The Winchester boys are surprised to discover that the late Bobby Singer has been named a beneficiary in an heiress' will. When they show up for the reading of the will they're even more surprised to discover themselves in a deadly game of "Clue".
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I'm not a regular fan of Supernatural, but I happened to watch this episode, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Best allusion: Dean picks up all six of the traditional Clue weapons during the course of the episode: lead pipe, rope, wrench, candlestick, knife, revolver.
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Yes! In general I was happy to see another light, monster of the week episode with meta elements. This and the last episode have been a nice break from the dire story arc stuff.
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I liked the episode overall, but I do wish the tired trope of the desperate cougar would die in a fire. The family is supposed to be so horrible, but the only crime the two sisters seem to be guilty of is having the audacity to be sex-positive past the age of 45 or so. I suppose that's a felony in the CW universe, but to me it just seems lazy and pretty misogynistic on the writers' part.
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Yeah, I wasn't a fan of that either but I was having a bit of trouble articulating it. Sam's discomfort was pretty obnoxious.
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I really kept expecting some explanation for the over the top soapy behavior of the family - that they weren't human, acting a part etc. That the embarrassing stuff with the sisters would have some payoff.

Also I was reminded again that I miss Bobby.
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They kinda dropped the ball on this one. There were no flames on the side of anyone's face, there wasn't even a library or a colonel.
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So glad we seem to back to monster of the week.

I took the cougars as more entitled than anything. They were not sex positive. They were just the dirty old men who acted entitled when I was 24, but in heels. Zero effort to even fake interest in Sam as a person. Bad rich people! Bad! Leave it!!!
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I probably would have enjoyed the whole Clue thing except all of the characters were total irritating idiots.

Yes, I put off watching this for quite awhile :P
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Dean not being able to tell the difference between cheap stainless and sterling silver cutlery cheapens the entire episode, having handled sterling before countless times.
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Dean: [Sam hands him a coffee cup] Real men don't drink out of cups this small [sniffs it] What is that -- "cinnamon roll"?
Sam: It's, uh, "glazed donut".

Heddy: Service was today, and the reading of the will tomorrow.
Beverly: Oh, but you're welcome to spend the night. All the rooms sleep two.
Heddy: [flirtatiously] Or three. [smacks Dean's butt]

Heddy: It's so obvious she's guilty.
Dash: You're off your rocker, old lady.
Heddy: "Old lady"? I'm 39.
Dash: And you have been since '03.

Amber: Where's Colette?
Phillip: She quit. Poor dear was so distraught over Mrs. Lacroix's passing. Went off to find herself.
Heddy: Ashram in India?
Phillip: Uh, Clown College in Sarasota.
Amber: Mm. Good choice.

Stanton: Beverly saw you sexting at dinner.
Amber: Bev doesn't know what the hell she's talking about. I was texting my mom.
Stanton: An emoticon of a peeled banana?
Amber: ... She likes fruit.

Sam: How did Bobby know an heiress?
Dean: Bobby had secrets, man. Like loving on Tori Spelling. If he only knew Dean cheated on her.

Phillip: I presume you gentlemen left something behind? I'll check the front closet for... burlap.
Dean: I got news for you, Mr. Belvedere; the jacket's canvas.

Sam: Wow, think we're a little under dressed? I mean the fed threads are in the trunk.
Dean: Are you kidding me, for once we don't have to wear suits. You're lucky my waistband is not elastic.

Dean: We're dealing with two vengeful spirits. Apparently, Aunt Bunny had a bee in her bonnet, as well.
Sam: Husband-and-wife tag-team killer ghosts?
Dean: Well, got to keep the marriage alive somehow.

Phillip: The reading of the will isn't until tomorrow, and I would hate for you to have to stick around and be forced to, well, mingle with the family.
Dean: Don't worry, Alfred. We know which one the shrimp fork is. Kind of.

Heddy: For the love of god, Dash, put down the gun before you kill someone!
Dash: It's okay. I hunt pheasant.

Dean: "Made in Taiwan". Freakin' stainless steel.
Sam: So that's why no one sizzled? They're not even real silver?
Dean: First, cubic zirconium, and now this. No wonder the rich stay rich.

Olivia: Allow me to introduce Sam and Dean Winchester.
Heddy: Sam and Dean Winchester of the Westchester Winchesters?
Sam: Uh, no. I don't think there's any relation. Sorry.
Heddy: No matter. You two are... adorable.

Heddy: [after Olivia and Sam start shooting at each other] Did anyone else wet themselves?

Olivia: I'm not the maid.
Heddy: That explains the dust.

Heddy: I knew those boys were trailer trash the moment they rolled up in that American-made.
Beverly: Not to mention homosexuals.
Heddy: Ugh. Homosexual murderers. Like Leopold and Loeb.
Beverly: Only hotter. Mmm.

Detective Howard: Detective Howard, New Canaan P.D. Congratulations, boys. You're now officially murder suspects.
Dean: I'm sorry. What?

Olivia: Why do you need the silverware?
Sam: For protection.
Olivia: Butter knives?
Dean: Trust us, there's a method to our madness.


Dean suggests that the butler is acting like a Renfield. This refers to a character in Bram Stoker's Dracula (novel and films) who is a willing servant to the vampire. It has become a colloquial term in the horror industry for any character who is a fitting victim to the monster, but instead acts purposely to help them, either through love, mind control, or addiction.

This episode was basically a tie-in for the USAOPOLY Supernatural Collector's Edition Clue Board Game which was being released later that year. There are multiple references to the board game Clue and the 1985 movie Clue to be found throughout the episode:

-- Dean refers to two of the arguing family members as Mrs. Peacock and Colonel Mustard;
-- Each of the weapons are either found by Dean and Sam or revealed while they are in the shot: Rope (at around 17 minutes), Lead Pipe (at around 17 minutes), Wrench (at around 21 minutes), Knife (at around 22 minutes), Candlestick (at around 26 minutes), and Revolver (at around 28 minutes).
-- The board game's box is seen shortly after Dean enters the attic and releases Olivia.
-- The Knife is the only weapon found or revealed initially when Dean is not in the shot (at around 22 minutes).
-- Among other names, Dean called the butler "Wadsworth," the name of the butler in Clue.

Dean calls Philip the butler variously Alfred, Mr. Belvedere, Jeeves, and Wadsworth. Each is a famous fictional butler.

Jeeves is a character created by Sir Pelham Greenville Wodehouse, KBE. Jeeves is butler/valet to a British man-about-town, Bertie Wooster. Bertie was always getting himself into trouble, and was regularly rescued by the ever-resourceful Jeeves. The Jeeves & Wooster books were published 1908-1915; the tv series, same name, aired originally 1990-1993.

"Ask Jeeves" was an early search engine. At one point Dean tells Sam they need to ask Jeeves (the butler) for answers.

The butler says the maid Colette left to go to clown school in Sarasota. Sarasota, Fl. has a long association with circus life. 50 years ago it was the winter home of Barnum & Bailey's and the final retirement community for many circus performers. Today it has circus museums and several schools teaching circus skills.

When Sam and Dean are deciding to search for cold spots, in the background, Heddy and Dash are arguing. Heddy claims to own a big, beautiful yacht. Dash challenges that and she admits it is a mahogany sunfish. The sunfish is the most popular size of personal sailboats. At 14 feet long and 150 pounds (including the sail) a sunfish can hold two people if they are kind of small. They sell, new, for $3500 and up.

The hammer Dean picks up is a cross peen hammer used almost exclusively by blacksmiths. It is also maybe one pound, about the smallest size for a general blacksmith, they mostly use 2.2 to 3.3 pounders.

When Sam went to search for clues to Stanton's murder, he came upon body outline of Stanton's body. There were no blood stain which is strange considering he was killed only a few hours before.

When Olivia gets out the silverware and Sam lifts something out of the box, she says, "Butter knives?" But what Sam took was a fish knife and an experienced, well-trained housemaid would know the difference.
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I saw some of those Reader's Digest omnibus condensed books on the shelves of Bunny's residence. I suppose they go with the stainless steel silverware and the cubic zirconia jewelry, and the yacht that's actually a sunfish.
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Reader's Digest omnibus condensed books

Fair enough, but the dig on "made in Taiwan" was uncalled for.
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Lord let me live a life such that when I mysteriously die, my coworkers tell everyone I left to find myself at Sarasota Clown College.

I think Dean absolutely knows what a WASP is but his startled alarm when Sam says the LaRues are wasps is still pretty choice, like being surrounded by werewasps would be an unwelcome development but realistically not the weirdest thing he's going to have to deal with this week.

It’s sweet and weird that even while he’s trying to ingratiate himself with Dash, Sam can’t let this complete stranger go thinking he and Dean don’t like each other.

This show’s conviction that desperate cougar is a funny trope is real unpleasant.
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is a funny trope is real unpleasant

Without the frequency of these, and all the other ones, I could maybe convince myself to view this show as a whole more charitably.
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While Sam and Dean don't bother to consider themselves as "Bobby's people" and can't be bothered to take up the responsibilities that come after a loved one dies, they do consider themselves Bobby's heirs when money is on the line. Nice to know where they draw the line at family.

Seriously, how do they think they're going to inherit anything. They have no legal ties to Bobby, I don't think they can admit who they are (considering they "died" as wanted men), they (presumably) don't have a will to prove they are Bobby's heirs, and even if they did, there is likely no provision that the key would pass to Bobby's heirs, presuming he predeceases Bunny. I know I shouldn't expect a show like this to make any kind of sense, but a bit of internal consistency would be nice.
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