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November 19, 2014 12:29 AM - Season 10, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The Winchester boys are surprised to discover that the late Bobby Singer has been named a beneficiary in an heiress' will. When they show up for the reading of the will they're even more surprised to discover themselves in a deadly game of "Clue".
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I'm not a regular fan of Supernatural, but I happened to watch this episode, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Best allusion: Dean picks up all six of the traditional Clue weapons during the course of the episode: lead pipe, rope, wrench, candlestick, knife, revolver.
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Yes! In general I was happy to see another light, monster of the week episode with meta elements. This and the last episode have been a nice break from the dire story arc stuff.
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I liked the episode overall, but I do wish the tired trope of the desperate cougar would die in a fire. The family is supposed to be so horrible, but the only crime the two sisters seem to be guilty of is having the audacity to be sex-positive past the age of 45 or so. I suppose that's a felony in the CW universe, but to me it just seems lazy and pretty misogynistic on the writers' part.
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Yeah, I wasn't a fan of that either but I was having a bit of trouble articulating it. Sam's discomfort was pretty obnoxious.
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I really kept expecting some explanation for the over the top soapy behavior of the family - that they weren't human, acting a part etc. That the embarrassing stuff with the sisters would have some payoff.

Also I was reminded again that I miss Bobby.
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They kinda dropped the ball on this one. There were no flames on the side of anyone's face, there wasn't even a library or a colonel.
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So glad we seem to back to monster of the week.

I took the cougars as more entitled than anything. They were not sex positive. They were just the dirty old men who acted entitled when I was 24, but in heels. Zero effort to even fake interest in Sam as a person. Bad rich people! Bad! Leave it!!!
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I probably would have enjoyed the whole Clue thing except all of the characters were total irritating idiots.

Yes, I put off watching this for quite awhile :P
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