Steven Universe: Prickly Pair
December 28, 2019 10:53 PM - Season 6, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Steven has a new garden too help occupy his time! And one of his plants looks like him, and can even talk....
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I'm growing increasingly curious about the "these are the antagonists" splash during the intro and if they will actually come back or if each one gets one episode only. So far each one has been left open-ended, but we also have no idea how many episodes of SUF there will be.
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It has been frustrating the everliving hell out of me, Mr. E. I am absolutely certain we have more episodes - we haven't seen the worm, or the diamond thinger. We've also had no Peridot at all - and she sings the final line of the new intro song! Like, why would the Crewniverse do that if she wasn't even going to pop up again? No Connie besides the little five second "she's studying" at the very beginning of the series. I mean the series can't end on this episode. It's cute but we're very clearly not done with Steven at all.

I also have an inkling that the water goddess form that Lapis did will prove to be important. The last-last episode is more than likely going to have a little bits from all the other episodes in the series, depending on how long it is. Like, I suspect "Pearl shapeshifts now" will be the takeaway from Snowday, something involving Jasper from Little Homeschool, maybe. The big Lapis. Dunno about Very Special Episode - maybe something to do with the Beetles or Onion?

I don't know. I've been watching this long enough to know that nothing is every straightforward.
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Cactus Steven: Everything I do I learn from you.
Steven: I am really frustrated with my current situation and don't know what to do!
Cactus Steven: I will act aggressively.
Steven: Wow I guess I should model better behaviors for you.
Cactus Steven: I will now act nice.
Steven: That's better.
Cactus Steven: Now I'm moving on, which is something you explicitly refuse to do.
Me: Uh
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And now we wait, what? Six months? Three months?
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I know, right? If this is really going to be a "limited series" then just put the damn thing out and be done with it without all this artificial extending.
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STEVEN UNIVERSE (FUTURE) IS OFFICIALLY ENDING... with 10 final episodes in March.
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