Steven Universe: In Dreams
March 6, 2020 6:35 PM - Season 6, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Camp Pining Hearts has been rebooted, much to Peridot and Steven's displeasure. But something weird is going on with Steven's TV....
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After the last two episodes, it's nice to see some relatively laid back stories! The word has come that there's only ten episodes left (eight after this one and the next, Bismuth Casual), but Rebecca Sugar has also confirmed that she isn't finished exploring these characters or this world, although it's possible that what follows isn't a cartoon.
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(typing with my eyes closed against spoilers, brb with better comment later!)
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So many neat little details and callbacks. The Moon Goddess statue! Connie in Steven's classic red t-shirt in the picture! Fish Blue! To say nothing of the actual plot and content (Party denial is the worst! Did the Beastie Boys teach us nothing?) These episodes totally deserve to be one a week so fans can appreciate/dissect them more.

/me scoots shamelessly straight onto the next one anyhow
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I was hoping for a touch of Gravity Falls in Camp Pining Hearts, but everything else was fully awesome. Especially after a rerunning of The Steven Universe Movie in sing-a-long mode ("here we are in the future..."), it prepared me for this to conclude on a seriously high note.
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Camp Pinjng Hearts seems very much like a Degrassi reference
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Finally a Peridot episode.
"Because I'm good at everything."

Maybe a Steven Universe Broadway musical???
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Oh god someone get this child some goddamn therapy already.

I loved that Peri got some airtime, and I'm so glad she helped him to start addressing his fucking massive trauma. He's pretty parentified and while the episode doesn't address this outright (and honestly I don't think we'll ever see the damage his childhood inflicted on him laid out explicitly) it's good to see some actual inroads into this. PERI BABY YOU AREN'T A CLOD YOU'RE DOING GOD'S WORK HERE.

I was wondering where Lapis was initially but I figure she's probably a purist and is off at LH having a sulk about the reboot rather than joining in the watching.
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Lapis might have her own life and is teaching at Little Homeschool or such.

Why do these characters just having normal people lives seem like such a pleasant and nice thing? Probably because they've had such crappy lives before, yah. It's a neat trick this show has.
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I think Peridot and Steven bonded after Lapis split and I don't think Lapis and Peridot ever really recovered their relationship after Change Your Mind. They're still friends, but not close the way they were making meepmorps in the barn.
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My sad little lapidot shipper's heart can't take that entirely reasonable line of logic, Mr Encyclopedia. Probably better for Peri, I guess. She did a lot of walking on eggshells for Lapis.
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I'm still Team Amedot and it could still happen!
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Sadly, probably not, or at least not in this series. Word has come down that this episode was Peridot's send-off. Also, as if to drive the point home, the storyboarder said that they considered Peri to be ace.
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