The Adventure Zone: Holiday Brawl in Chicago!
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What do you get when you cross the North Pole, Jason Statham, A Christmas Carol, and the wildly inscrutable plotting of the Metal Gear Solid franchise? Well, you get this live show. Whether or not that's something you actually want is up to you. This episode's game is The Fight Before Christmas by Paul Matijevic (@Ettin64), which is a hack of Lasers & Feelings by John Harper.
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Possibly my new favorite TAZ one shot, between Randy and dimension hopping Clint and the amazing puns.
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If you enjoy TAZ more for the grabass than the gameplay, this is your episode: An hour forty minutes of grabass. It starts extremely silly and then gets sillier.
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I've listened to a few different examples of Actual Play podcasts and I've determined there are two things I enjoy: Worldbuilding and Grabass.
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This was just so fun and so funny. I love these one shot live shows so much. I always love when they make Clint a character.
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I want to know how Griffin originally expected them to get across the moat.
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I felt it kinda fell apart incoherently towards the end, but I loved it all anyway.
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the fact that "I've been playing Kojima games a lot lately" was not just a single punchline but was, in fact, the platform for virtually every detail of the latter half was such a wonderfully Griffin move

this sort of rampant, loosely structured silliness seems to me to be by far the best use of the McElroy family's god-given talent in the context of an RPG one-shot. I very much enjoyed it
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Clint McElroy is the Stan Lee of the McElroy-Verse.
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