Rude Tales of Magic: The Cave and The Mistress
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Captured! Desperate! And...Deadly? The gang races, and riddles, to save their friends from the completely reasonable consequences of their own actions. Missions are accepted and secrets are, you guessed it, revealed. Can justice be averted? Can the group dynamic ever heal? What's YOUR Hungry Boy Score? All this and more, NOW!
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The riddles were all great but the way the classic "one of us always lies..." riddle fell apart was hilarious and also totally legit. I wonder if the DM had intended for that or not?
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I really loved the dynamic between Albee, Bellow and Stirf, but Albee really glubbed it up when she confronted Stirfry head-on about ditching deBonesby. I feel like if she had been a little more oblique she might have gotten him a bit further down a path toward independence, but by framing it so starkly, he had to walk it back.

@JWetsig on Twitter calls for a Pepsi Brothers interview podcast, which I totally support.

Just imagine the horrors of the "Large" bathroom. Should have been some CON saves there.
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“I wish you good travels to the Big Boy Bathroom”
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Thank you for posting these! I started listening in some post-Adventure Zone ennui and then mainlined the series over the course of the weekend.
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By the beak of mine own, that's good.
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