Rude Tales of Magic: Buggin' Out
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Live free or die? Eat or get eaten? Are you in, or are you out? It's a wild night in the Soaking Valley County Jail as our heroes fight for their freedom and their lives when a jailbreak gets out of control. Exits must be taken. And choices? Ain't so such thing as easy ones, and they all gotta get made, babeee.
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I just love how you never know what is going to happen, and everyone just runs with it and no one drops the ball and it turns out so goddamn poignant? Like Branson says he didn't see the lice going this way, and then Stirfry relates de Bonesby's teaching the lice swarm to talk to his own history, and it's a final impetus to end his service? This is so rich!

And great episode for de Bonesby all around! I love his harshness and uncaring nature but that can grate - as he was wondering a few eps back - why am I around these people? I don't know if we've solved that bit yet but getting more of his history, his failure to love, and then his all around badassery here - I love him.
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I cackled with glee at the suggestion and subsequent refusal to recite the names of Cordelia's 19 moons.
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And great episode for de Bonesby all around!

I loved the bit where he has to decide whether to get his stuff or rescue Stirfry and ends up going "I must save Stirfry... so he can get my stuff for me!"
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Also the post-processing on weird-spider-Bellow's voice was A+.
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Do you know Kreedis that you're my Valentine?
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The thing of using finger bones to help animate the face is good and fine, and I don't think of it when I close my eyes. Thanks Branson!
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