Vanderpump Rules: Don't Do It, Brittany
January 29, 2020 10:52 AM - Season 8, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The gang heads to Miami to celebrate Jax and Brittany's joint bachelor and bachelorette parties, determined to have fun despite lingering tension between Stassi and Sandoval and confusion over the state of Kristen's relationship with Carter.
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Maybe this is just on my mind because of things happening in my own life, but I thought this episode was an interesting look at what happens when long time friends want to move on, can't move on, do move on but unsuccessfully--and what happens to the group dynamics when they do. Who needs approval more than ever but isn't getting it, who no longer needs approval but everyone refuses to stop giving it?

We have Sandoval, in a seemingly happy relationship with a woman that ultimately wants very different things than he does. Reading between the lines he seems to be struggling with watching others get what he wants, or what he has--and it's clear that being an owner of TomTom is something he takes very seriously and that there are some deep professional identity issues being worked out for him in his fight with Stassi (I'm not a bartender, I'm the only one who knows what's going on here, no one respects how much I do, these are MY customers). I think he was way out of line in his fight with Stassi last episode, and yet I feel for him because it's apparent to me that his reaction and choice of target were so disproportionate that it signals something else he's deeply hurt by (maybe Stassi getting her book out before he and Ariana could release their cocktail book?).

We have Kristen, in a seemingly terrible and codependent relationship, who kiiiinda wants out but also kiiiiinda wants to be together. It was telling when she said she was terrified of being single because it made her think of "Scheana, single and ready to mingle". I don't know what it's like to be single or try to date in LA, but I think you can be single and date and not go full Scheana? I have a few people in my life who think that being single = you're a loser, and I wonder if, for Kristen, this is exacerbated by watching her friends (even ones like Jax!) couple up and pair off. It must feel really risky to make the choice to be single in that environment, even if her relationship is one she lies about to her friends. Kristen's fight at dinner with Stassi and Katie was predictable, and as this recapper delightfully puts it, "It's like a cold, wet swimsuit: I do not want to get into it again". I wonder if the reason her friends are so frustrated with her is that she can't resist trying to bring them down with her, like when she's whipping Brittany into a frenzy over the "Don't Do It, Brittany" sign at the club.

Speaking of Brittany and Jax, I'm sure they love each other and have a lot of fun together, and goodness do they seem determined to get married! In some ways Jax seems like he's grown as a person, and in other ways--lying about the strip club--not so much. Brittany's reaction to the sign in the club, albeit exacerbated by Kristen's meddling, seemed like the reaction when you hit a little too close to home. I think she is secretly worried that people are right, that she is making a mistake--and that's why it upsets her so much when others say it out loud. My partner wandered by and said, "why are they all wearing wedding dresses? didn't they get married last season?" and I had to laugh--it sure is taking forever, but no, that was just the engagement party.

And then there's Stassi. I am truly delighted for her because it seems like Beau really sees her and loves her, and their relationship seems supportive and loving! I do wonder if others in the group felt more comfortable when she was dating assholes, though, and it seems like Beau's support of Stassi may be another shift in the dynamics--which way, who knows.

Other thoughts--
-Sandoval's pride at having organized a yacht excursion! Only for Jax to call it a barge and compare it to a high school booze cruise :/
-I really can't with the new cast members! As of right now I can't think of anything about them that interests me.
-Lisa sure loves being in the middle, FaceTiming everyone to get their side of the story about the Sandoval/Stassi altercation.
-I am SO interested in how it feels for Lala to be sober around all these tequila-drinking yahoos. I really admire her sobriety and am so curious how she handles the tedium of wasted people.
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