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Best known as one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump opens the salacious kitchen doors of her exclusive Hollywood restaurant and lounge, SUR. Declaring it the sexiest ...


Vanderpump Rules: Mistress in Distress   Season 1, Episode 1

Back in Los Angeles, Lala celebrates her birthday with an epic party. Raquel sets her sights on Oliver after being rejected by Schwartz. Tom and Ariana discuss their plans to make embryos together. Ally and James witness a suspicious interaction between two friends. Tom and Tom must reckon with the fact that their bar won’t open on schedule... again. [more inside]
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Vanderpump Rules: Lovestruck at the Discopussy  Season 10, Episode 5

Katie plans a divorce party trip to Las Vegas and Lake Havasu but conveniently leaves Scheana off the guest list; Lala and Raquel find themselves flirting with the same guy; Ariana receives devastating news from home. [more inside]
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Vanderpump Rules: Don't Do It, Brittany  Season 8, Episode 4

The gang heads to Miami to celebrate Jax and Brittany's joint bachelor and bachelorette parties, determined to have fun despite lingering tension between Stassi and Sandoval and confusion over the state of Kristen's relationship with Carter.
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Vanderpump Rules: Lisa's Dilemma  Season 7, Episode 4

Katie's ultimatum forces Lisa Vanderpump to reconsider employing James at SUR; Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval display different methods of interviewing staff members for TomTom; Jax and Brittany host a dinner party to debut their beer cheese.
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Vanderpump Rules: Either Him or Me  Season 7, Episode 3

James spirals out of control after being ambushed by Kristen at Pride, while his girlfriend, Raquel, struggles to accept new rumors about his alleged infidelity; Jax and Brittany decide to start a beer cheese company.
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Vanderpump Rules: Hope and Pride  Season 7, Episode 2

Stassi plans an epic surprise party to celebrate Jax and Brittany’s engagement, but Sandoval and Ariana question Jax’s ability to commit to one woman for the rest of his life. James attempts to work his way back into the group’s good graces, unaware that Kristen has hatched a plan that might ruin his romance and banish him for good. Stassi seeks Lisa’s approval for her new beau Beau, and Lisa must decide whether Jax deserves another chance to work at SUR.
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Vanderpump Rules: A Decent Proposal [Season Premiere]  Season 7, Episode 1

Lisa Vanderpump finds herself behind schedule on TomTom, the new bar she's opening with Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz; James lands in hot water with the group after insulting Brittany; Scheana settles into single life; Jax proposes to Brittany. [more inside]
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