Vanderpump Rules: Lovestruck at the Discopussy
March 9, 2023 5:27 AM - Season 10, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Katie plans a divorce party trip to Las Vegas and Lake Havasu but conveniently leaves Scheana off the guest list; Lala and Raquel find themselves flirting with the same guy; Ariana receives devastating news from home.

(1st episode after #Scandoval dropped)
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I only just started watching this episode and it's already so unbelievable how shameless the "friendship" is from Racquel to Ariana. So snakey.
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Also Sandoval couldn't be more ungrateful about Lisa and Ken's generous offer to give them back their investment in TomTom so they could use the money to dig themselves out of their current hole! I think it's Lisa's soft spot but also...why not get them wholly out of TomTom, which she has a controlling interest in. Why anyone would give these idiots any money or trust at all is beyond me.
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Raquel's telling Lala in the previews for next week that it was a good thing that Lala didn't have a man around for Raquel to steal was a true holy shit moment.

I've also hated Lala for a while too but daaaaaaaaaammmn
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I bet after the cut she says "Just kidding :)!"
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i'd guess i'd be easier with LaLa if she showed, like, any humility at all.
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yep, and her talking about how she hadn't had sex since 2020 too--ah man, that sucks (tho sex with randall is definitely an ipecac thought)
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One of the most persistently mind-bending things about this whole recent development is that it's shown the following people to be correct about some things (where, normally, I really don't agree with most of what they say or do):


James in particular was sending up all kinds of signals, subtle and overt, of being an abusive addict with pretty severe self-regulation problems, and early in S10 he seemed truly baffled by why Raquel broke off their engagement (which seemed to be, obviously, because of all the abuse). Still unwilling to do any introspection, but at least he seemed confused. Now he seems confident that it wasn't his problem at all, if Raquel had her sights on Sandoval, and that's the real reason they broke up. And maybe he's not wrong!! And in any case it seems like the heat is off of him and there will be a minimal growth/redemption storyline, and he'll probably continue to treat his new girlfriend exactly the same, outbursts and all.

Similarly with the awful boundaries and open insults, bullying, and rage were Lala and Kristen at various points. Scheana seems less mean-spirited, just struggles with the idea that she's not at the center of any given thing. Yet they've each been correctly skeptical of Raquel for a long time. And I hate to admit that they're not wrong.

I also really feel for Katie, yet again, whose feelings are being thrown under the bus as the Raquel/Schwartz affair was put up as a decoy.
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James is giving me serious 'a few steps away from an OD' vibes this season.
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