The Magicians: Apocalypse? Now?!
February 13, 2020 7:29 AM - Season 5, Episode 5 - Subscribe

With some high stakes back on Earth, the gang gets together to pull of a heist, while Fen is the super-secret, super-sexy maid on the outside, looking to answer a number of open-ended questions, in a quest of sorts, given to her by Eliot.

'The Magicians' Season 5 Episode 5 Review: 'Apocalypse? Now?!' raises the stakes with a heist of cosmic proportions -- The Magicians find out how to move the moon but they need a few things to pull it off. It's this season's heist episode! (Armaan Babu for Meawww)
Part 1 of this week's two-episode special of 'The Magicians' delivers on the promise of scale from last week's episode, where Zelda (Mageina Tovah) pointed to the moon and said that in order to save the world, it would have to be moved.

'The Magicians' graciously gave its audience a week to wrap their brains around that - around the idea that the show's protagonists are going to have to find a way to - and there is no way to understate this - move the moon. It seems like the kind of goal that works as a season-long quest, with multiple MacGuffins needing assembling and subquests that double-up as emotional arcs.

They manage it all in one episode. One episode to figure out what they need, find out the personal costs of getting it and bringing it all together down to the very last minute to save the world from utter destruction and, let's not forget - to the move - the moon. Astoundingly, that is something that they indeed manage to do, but not only do they move the actual moon - they break it. We'll talk about the ramifications of that, but first - it's this season's heist episode!
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I'm sure we'll find out soon enough who gave up their shade, but it wasn't immediately obvious to me which one did.
posted by cooker girl at 8:30 AM on February 13, 2020

this was fun! a note that this week we had two episodes, the 2nd part of this (essentially) right after. Maybe they should be one thread?
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Yes this should really be 2 episodes together, I think.

Maid on the outside KILLED ME I LOVE IT.

Also I loved Penny with the bag of muffins at the party.

And Marina! She is so hot, and so BAD.

And the Lunatics! The inventor of the traffic light!

Ok I’m home sick today so maybe a little more enthusiastic than usual, but I just love this show.
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Ahhh what a great pair of episodes! I had so much fun.

Re: whose shade: I think that they turned down Natasha's bargain, and that the wards only protected the rock from theft, not having magic done on it. Alternatively, the wards became irrelevant under the surge. If either Alice or Julia had really lost their shade a second time, I think it would have been a bigger deal.

Love this showww
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I hope we see more of Marina because I love Kacey Rohl!
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And yes, they didn't take Natasha's deal. Kady impersonated Natasha to lure the guards away.
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Ah, okay, somehow I missed that. Good. I didn't want anyone to lose another shade.

Also, am I the only one who HATES Marina? (runs away)
posted by cooker girl at 7:05 AM on February 14, 2020

Marina feels like a mixed bag; I didn't like her at all this time, but there were times a few seasons ago when she was fun.
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My partner has only seen a few snippets of Season 4 here and there, but she wound up watching this entire double episode with me, and it was really great watching with someone who isn't accustomed to how bonkers the show is:

* Yes, the moon is apparently sentient, and no, the show's never mentioned it before;
* Yes, the whales are apparently ancient powerful magicians, and no, the show's never mentioned it before;
* Last season Eliot was possessed by an evil god, and this new dude is the guy who was previously possessed by the same evil god and has since been hiding inside Eliot's head; etc.
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