Neko zamurai: Samurai Cat (both seasons)
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A humorless samurai, nearly desperate for work, agrees to assassinate a goblin cat that is accused of possessing a man's soul. (Japanese tv original, streaming on Amazon Prime)
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I remember the trailer and some gif-sets for this show went viral a few years ago, and I so wanted to see it, but I've never been any good at finding places to download overseas content, and after checking every now and then to see if someone had uploaded them to Youtube, I kind of forgot about it. But then last week it just popped up in the "Included with Prime:TV shows we think you'll like" category when I was poking around in Prime, and I finally got to watch it.

Whoever encoded this for Amazon screwed up in several of the season 1 episodes and didn't edit out the commercial blacks, so, be warned, the screen just goes to black and stays there for a minute or two between scenes. I thought it was buffering or I'd lost my internet, but, nope, looks like someone just dropped the ball up somewhere in the deliverables process, hah.

It was everything I'd hoped for and more. Highly recommend this to any fellow cat-crazy people. Season 1 is more grounded in reality, but in season 2 they go full bonkers with the comedy such as a body-swap episode between the cat & the samurai. I don't know where they found such a chill cat(s) as the ones playing Tamanoje. Maybe there's sedation involved, but, I don't really think so. There were some shots of cats that seemed a bit anxious -- ears a little back, eyes very wide, but, it never looked to me like there were cats in outright distress.
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Do you happen to remember which episode is the body swap episode? There are no descriptions on Amazon video, and the imdb summaries are vague/incomplete.

Episode 1 didn't grab me, a bit too budget TV. However, greater silliness could push it over.
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It takes a few episodes before the cat starts to work her heart-melting magic on the samurai, episode 1 isn't the most representative of the series tone, definitely. From the imdb descriptions, it looks like S2 ep 8 was the body swap.
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Seeing this post confused me for a moment! In the eighties and early nineties there was a series of books by American artist Mark Rogers featuring, well, a samurai cat, called, um, Samurai Cat.

The Japanese series and the book series are unrelated.
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