Supergirl: Back From the Future - Part Two
February 17, 2020 4:37 AM - Season 5, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Supergirl helps Winn face his greatest fear. After Alex sets out to find evidence against Lex, Brainy must decide between helping his friend or continuing to secretly work for Lex.
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I enjoyed this a lot. Anything with Winn is great. I miss him, but not enough that it ruins the show when he's not there.

The Kara and William stuff was so awkward, I'm glad she turned him down, if for the wrong reasons.

I don't remember Lena sabotaging Obsidian's lenses in a previous episode, but sure, it happened. Lena is really going down a dark path, if Lex is even proud of her. But I don't know how she's planning on mind-controlling everyone into peace if not everybody can afford these fancy VR lenses.
posted by numaner at 1:03 PM on February 18, 2020 [1 favorite]

I like this more mature, confidant version of Winn--I wish we could have gotten more of him during his first go around. I'd be happy to see him stick around or pop back in a few more times.
posted by sardonyx at 3:23 PM on February 18, 2020

I agree, sardonyx. Good Winn episode.

I hate "Africa," and I don't like William. However, I do admit that those two singing "Africa" did sell me both on their chemistry (which I don't see the rest of the time) and that damn song. Go figure.

Yay quitting the DEO!
posted by jenfullmoon at 9:51 PM on February 19, 2020

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