Rude Tales of Magic: All the Little Ants
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Froggie went a courtin' and when he did ride, DANGER must surely follow. Our heroes find themselves in the good graces and iron clutches of one Mr. Scrum Fabulous, the gadabout flycatcher and never not plotting crime lord of Soaking Valley. What choice will they make regarding his offer they can't refuse? Must all reunions be brief? Must all goodbyes be Irish? Answers inside!

This week we are pleased as punch to feature the work of Ben Kling and Rachel Wenitsky!
Ben arranged and produced Scrum's Theme, with Rachel on the pipes (the human throat pipes), with words and melody by lil' Tim Platt.
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As per the Patreon Discord, the cast did not hear the final version of Scrum's Theme as it wasn't ready yet, and instead just heard a recording of Tim playing it on acoustic guitar, hence their underwhelmed reactions (which I think added a hilarious deadpan quality you probably couldn't have got otherwise).

Scrum's "password" is taken from the Dave Matthews Band song Ants Go Marching.
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"My name? It's Stirfry bitch"

I need to go back because I think I lost some of the plotting near the end. I really enjoyed the hangout relaxing vibe goofing off at the beginning, rolling for drink enjoyment and drinking Irishmen, although it was a bit at odds with the narrative propulsion. We did finally get Albee's parents though and I thought they were great!

We also got some good Flipcup content and I think I may be more disturbed by Stirfry canonically fucking than by Legion.
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So uh... Bellow fucks right? Maybe Cordelia? Because we know Frederick doesn't, I don't see if for Albee...

Basically I can't handle Stirfry being the only one who fucks.
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That song was fantastic. I was not ready for that.

I really liked this episode, and I think Branson does a great job of keeping things loose without completely losing the plot. I'm looking forward to a nice and tidy little bandit-killing side-quest with little to no body horror. Yeah, no, that's not happening, it's going to get wild, I'm sure.

Cordelia is definitely DTF, Bellow can obviously get it. Albee seems pretty comfortable in her own skin (praising Natura out on the quad like that) so she probably fucks. Even Flipcup canonically knows about fucking.

Tim Platt absolutely nailed that delivery of "Let's just let it be what it was..." and has only furthered my resolve that I would die for Stirf.

Anyone picking up Fun City as a result of their ads? I've listened to the first ep, and it is pretty good, but weirdly has a GM and also someone who plays the NPCs? Seems like it could cause issues with the GM being able to properly drive the story. but I'll give it a little room to run.
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I just tried out a bit of Fun City actually, it has similarly good production values (sound effects, etc) which I appreciate. I do like the concept of an NPC guy and a DM guy - they could essentially be co-DMing I assume, where the NPC guy knows the plot beats and how to drive the story while freeing up the DM from having to do voices AND run the rest of the game.
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Probably quicker to list who doesn't fuck in Cordelia tbh.
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