Supergirl: Reality Bytes
March 15, 2020 7:59 PM - Season 5, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Nia's roommate gets attacked by someone who is after Dreamer; Dreamer puts herself in danger to confront the man; Alex, J'onn, and Kelly try to rescue someone who is stuck in a VR escape room.
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Not sure what to make of this?

* I liked Yvette, though I am getting deja vu to Mo on Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist as well (can't help it).

* Much as I didn't want someone to get hurt, part of me was all "That....could have been worse."

* Nia's rage was well done and I enjoyed her "don't fuck with me, I will hunt you down"-ness.

* I just don't care about virtual reality, or holodecks, or dream sequences, or what the fuck ever ain't real with real consequences or whatever.

* I saw SHOCKING SPOILER MENTIONS about THE DEATH, spent the episode trying to figure out who they would kill off (not Alex, not Nia...maybe Brainy?), and then was all, "oh, yeah, I forgot about her Earth dad." So not exactly broken up there. Shock but no emotion for the audience there, so why bother?
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what the fuck ever ain't real with real consequences or whatever.

well I mean Kelly basically said because of how Obsidian Platinum works if those people weren't rescued they would get permanent brain damage, so that's pretty consequential.

I'm glad they used this show to speak out for transphobic violence, and that characters like Kara sincerely empathize. I mean, I thought to myself that Kara has seen similar prejudice, being an alien, but I'm glad that they stuffed that thought into a half-sentence when she was convincing Nia to not kill the guy. Also, I would've totally at least broken a bone or two.
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