High Maintenance: Soup
April 4, 2020 6:30 PM - Season 4, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Season Finale. When a snowstorm hits on Christmas eve, Pam-Anne joins her sister Destiny and a motley crew of flight attendants at their usual crash pad in Queens. Delayed on his way home to spend the holidays with his family, The Guy celebrates Hanukkah in New York.
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Favorite episode yet of my favorite show on TV. 100% perfect from start to finish. Cried a bunch.

I've been basically building a self-care microcosmic space that is The Guy's apartment in the show. Quiet light, plants, comfy seating, incense. Sitting soft. Don't know what else to say other than this show is a beacon and this episode therapeutic.
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Season finale...that felt a bit like a series finale. I hope not. I want this show to live forever.
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Big spoiler alert.

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i can't believe that's real. i think it's a nickname. but either way it's nice.
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Rufus Mann, no less!
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I looovved this episode so much. Most of the season has been painful to watch; I've cringed a lot. I put my hands over my eyes rather than watch the deaf interpreter pitch her scam to Martha Stewart, etc.

And the Guy has been ... less cool? Opening his door into a biker, leaving FOMO in a closest for too long, seemed to be something in each episode.

But I found this episode to be really endearing.
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I found this to be a relatively mild episode myself, which made the final line such a shock. I'm always forgetting we don't know his name, so it took me a few seconds to process why that last line seemed so strange, and that delayed surprise somehow made it much more affecting, especially as it instantly recast the entire episode in a new light. Brought tears to my eyes.
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R.I.P. we hardly knew ye

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I can only wish Blichfeld and Sinclair well in whatever they do next.
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Damn. That sucks.
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