Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Valloweaster
April 11, 2020 12:58 PM - Season 7, Episode 11 - Subscribe

It's time for the annual Halloween Heist! It may or may not be on Halloween. Or Valentine's Day. Or Easter.
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I just want to say that even if no one is feeding you ham, or there's nobody in your life who would send you flowers, one day you will get your own fanny pack and things will start to turn around.
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ROSA! WITH HER NAME IN FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! Great ending. With a crown. And double Thanos gloves. And Cheddar. And bunnies. And noobs being all "This again?" I enjoyed it very much.
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They kind of whiffed by so closely tying the episode to a date in the (then) future that ended up looking very different than expected. On the other hand, the lesson about not eating table ham couldn't be more timely.
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I’m really hoping shows continue and just don’t acknowledge COVID. We need some escapism.
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I'm sure they had to had finished filming before this went down ,so they had no idea Easter was going to be ruined this year. Nobody expected this.

I think shows are going to need to ignore the virus if/when they ever return, just because it'll be too interrupt-y to a lot of the fictional worlds that have already been created. And do we want to watch our favorite TV characters going through this for years too?

Though that said, I imagine the B99 Zoom chat during quarantine would be hilarious. Charles would be cooking god knows what with whatever he finds, Jake would be doing pranks over the Internet, Scully and Hitchcock would have long since run out of food and been begging people to go get them more, Cheddar might be sent out to actually DO it....
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Rosa's name in fire was amazing.

The flower delivery people trying to deliver flowers and then melting away in unison made me laugh. You know how it is - you try to do your job delivering flowers, there are 20 other deliveries so you just give up and all leave together, taking the flowers with you.

This was probably my favorite Terry has been all season. I like chill Terry.
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"Am I the only one not being fed ham?" Poor Hitchcock.

AV Club writeup, which also points out Rosa writing her name in fire was the best.
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Rosa, three-time winner!, the fake therapist was DARK, though.
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“She was FAKE?!”
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Just rewatching this and I realize I forgot to comment on my very favorite part - Amy & Charles' joint hand motions due to the handcuffs! SO funny. Every single expression on Joe Lo Truglio's face deserves an Emmy too. Charles happily getting down on one knee to Holt... OMG
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I guess the weird thing is why Boyle wouldn't help Bill out? Like by giving him a bunch of clothes since the Boyles are all the same?
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