Batwoman: If You Believe in Me, I'll Believe in You
May 3, 2020 7:49 PM - Season 1, Episode 18 - Subscribe

Batwoman asks Luke and Julia to do some undercover work to retrieve an item from her cousin's collection; Alice gets a surprise visit from Jacob Kane; Mary tries to prover herself.
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Practically every fight scene, especially the big, long, extended climactic one, had Batwoman shot from behind, presumably to cover up the fact there was a stunt person doing the fighting. It really got distracting after a while. Yes, I know Rose has a very distinctive chin, but between the wig and the mask and the lipstick, I figure they could have worked in or two quick shots of the stunt person in full costume and had them flash by quickly enough that it wouldn't have been really obvious it was the actress throwing the punches.

Mary seems to think like Bruce. I'm sure his cowl has been electrified and booby trapped for decades.

Of course Kate's wannabe girlfriend was going to turn out to be trouble. I just didn't think she'd be the sister to trouble. Okay, fine, we get it. This show is about sisters and the bonds they have. We don't need to be beaten over the head with that theme. Seriously, they could have waited until next season to introduce that wrinkle. Speaking of sisters, I wonder if we're ever going to get any of the Fox girls. It might be nice to see a brother-sister interaction for a change.

If both Kate and Sophie both get their hearts broken by somebody who would betray them, they're just going to be forced into each others arms, aren't they? Which is really the last thing I want to see. Kate has given Sophie enough chances. It's time to move on. (Also, I'm really not keen on Julia playing double. I wanted her to be a totally straight-up and honorable character.)

Well, I guess my questions about Tommy's appearance have been answered. He wasn't supposed to look like Bruce. At least not yet. Also, as bad as Gotham law enforcement is, I can't imagine a coroner would miss a face being attached to a corpse. And even if that happened, I'm sure the head of the Crows would have done his own examination/ordered his own people to do one. Even if they needed a pretense for Jacob to visit Alice, that was a pretty thin one.
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