Killing Eve: Beautiful Monster
May 25, 2020 11:10 AM - Season 3, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Eve is focused on Villanelle's whereabouts; Villanelle and Dasha work together on a kill.
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Is there a supercut of Konstantin laughing uncontrollably at inappropriate times?

Why does he let his Irina get picked up by the police since he is right there when she runs over her step-father?
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Also, from the Vulture recap:

“ I like Helene. She’s graceful and deadly, careful to tell Villanelle she wouldn’t be able to kill her, as she’s just a child dealing with forces much larger than she realizes. They do come to an agreement on Villanelle’s next job: to kill Dasha.”

Is that what happened? That was not my read on it at all.
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Mo's death is very Ophelia.

The face that Eve made and the pleasure she got from slowly crunching in Dasha's chest - that was not revenge killing or self-defence, that was enjoying murder. I wish they'd shot it so her face was closer-up but perhaps the distance against the nightsky, with Sandra Oh's face so pale and chillingly brutal was intentional - she looks remote in her pleasure of other people's pain, angelic.
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This scene made me laugh:
“Can you get to that, Bear?”
“Not legally.”
“Okay.” (beat) “Do it anyway.”
“You can’t get raided twice in a day. It’s a rule.”
(Jamie sighs)
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Taylor Swift covered as a Bond theme? IMO the best bit of the episode, and not even part of the plot.

Also, not a bad job with Scottish accents! I cringed preemptively, but they done good. Particularly enjoyed the 2 seconds switch from Dasha.
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Is that what happened? That was not my read on it at all.

Boy, me either. I thought Villanelle suggested that she could bring Dasha with her. I don't think Helene succeeded, but I liked her attempt to play mother with Villanelle. A year ago, that might have worked. These days, it's likely just to inspire Villanelle to find a tiny chair the next time she sees her. (Jodie Comer's expression when Villanelle is told that she may not sit in the tiny chair is priceless.)

I am glad that Konstantin is still alive. But ever since someone here said that they suspected Geraldine wasn't quite what she appeared, I've been suspicious too. Latest: her conspicuous vegetarianism with her mother and filet mignon with Konstantin?

My guilty feeling about this season is that I'm barely interested in Eve — maybe it's because she's been so tied to Nick? I'm far more invested in Villanelle's struggles this season. Her golfing ensemble was amazing.
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Geraldine is an attempted murderer and maybe an all-the-way murderer by next episode, she gave him that heart attack!! it was 90 percent her, 10 percent his adorable murder brat Irina. she, Geraldine, is the worst woman on earth and not even revealing herself to have killed Kenny will excuse her awfulness. especially because if she did, that would mean Carolyn didn't kill Kenny, which I count on with every breath in my body.

--why can't Irina and V just settle down, have a nice murder-sister relationship, share their fun murder dad! not everything has to be a competition!

--Whacking Dasha in the head was not under orders and it doesn't matter if it was, that's not why she did it. that was just finishing what she started. You want to kill your mother, you got to kill her all the way, and that means all your mothers.
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I think the theme of this season is that the life of a glamorous globetrotting international assassin can be rather drab and unpleasant some of the time. And that if you have a good job in a hot sweltering Chinese kitchen, keep it.
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Now we have THREE people who surely aught to be dead but who somehow made it. Seems unfair to Kenny.

Also, I don't remember her from previous season/s but a few episodes ago the face was bothering me so I looked her up, Geraldine,,,, Yara Greyjoy.
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Seems unfair to Kenny.

Who knows? Maybe he'll turn up alive too.
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