The X-Files: Dreamland II (Part 2/2)   Rewatch 
June 28, 2020 7:52 PM - Season 6, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Scully and Mulder try to figure out how to reverse the time warp that catapulted Mulder's mind into a body and a life not his own.
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Having Fletcher mock Mulder's search for the truth feels strange given Fletcher's job of supressing the truth. Fletcher's scene with TLG was great, though.

The one where the general asks Mulder if aliens were real was also fantastic.

I really appreciate that they didn't over explain this one.
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Fletcher shows up again on The Lone Gunmen spinoff. I hope we get to that series too.
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'The Lone Gunmen' spinoff ran during Season 8, right? I remember that it was fun, but not terribly good. Would be up for a rewatch.
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Gillian Anderson and Michael McKean are absolutely hilarious together.

Uh, how did Morris Fletcher get Mulder's bedroom cleaned out, furnished, and decorated so quickly, and get groceries and make a meal? Even with some serious executive ability (which, to be fair, he probably has), I don't see how he could possibly get it done that fast. Waterbeds take a good while to fill and then heat, for one thing.

Scully showed up for her and Morris-as-Mulder's date in a suit with her weapon. She definitely wasn't there to play -- she was dressed for work.

I always enjoy Grandma Top Gun and Mulder's altercation with her, and I bet the actress who played her did too.

The cover story on The Lone Gunmen newspaper that Morris-as-Mulder reads is titled "Monica - Minx Or Mandroid," sigh.

Morris-as-Mulder: All right, let's run through this one more time. I'll go in there alone, just like you told me to. He'll be wearing a blue Buffalo Bills cap.
Scully: And?
Morris-as-Mulder: And if I try and slip out the back door [points finger at his head like a gun] da-da-da-dee-dee-dee.
Scully: Get going.
Morris-as-Mulder: Can't we start over? You know, do that thing with the handcuffs?
[Scully holds up and cocks her gun.]
Morris-as-Mulder: Probably not your scene [gets hastily out of the car].

Frohike's first name is Melvin.

Morris Fletcher and Fox Mulder (note the reversed initials) are, respectively, a sleazy guy and a guy who generally treats people with respect and care; a guy whose job it is to obscure the truth, and a guy whose entire life is about finding out the hidden truth. No wonder it was the two of them who got flipped by the time warp -- they are polar opposites.

All's well that ends well and Mulder got a greatly improved apartment out of the experience. Waterbeds do suck, but, um, his won't last long.
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Gillian Anderson and Michael McKean are absolutely hilarious together.

My favorite line of the whole episode, coming just after Scully has figured out what's happening and has a gun drawn on Morris-as-Mulder and he has called her "Baby" once too many times:

"'Baby' me again and you'll be peeing through a catheter."
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Today's the 25th anniversary of the first airing!

So, there's a country song playing at the bar, that has caught attention for decades now, since before Shazam was a thing, to no avail.

Its creators have arrived to the Twitter thread. (Nitter mirror)

Quotes from Dan Marfisi:
> We never knew people loved our music so much. Truly wonderful to find out.

> Our directive was "we need a country song that could be about an alien or a human ... oh, and we need it in four hours."

They've found a backup on CD, and are working on it.
posted by Pronoiac at 12:45 PM on December 6, 2023

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