Dark: The Paradise (Das Paradies)
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Claudia reveals to Adam how everything is connected--and how he can destroy the knot. (Series Finale)

*In the Kahnwald house, Michael seals his suicide note, ties the noose, and jumps from the stool, young Jonas wakes from his nightmare.

*Old Claudia tells Adam his mistake, that destroying Martha and her Origin child doesn't break the knot because the problem isn't his world versus Eva's, the true origin is a third world -- E.G. Tannhaus's device split the world in three, that to end the cycle they have to prevent the invention of travel through space and time in the Origin World altogether. Claudia says she wishes she could have spared him all this but every step had to be taken exactly as before, up until this moment, even though everything Adam and Eva have done before has upheld the knot for eternity in both worlds.

*Eva introduces scarface young Martha to the Origin Trio, who embrace her. Middle-age Martha brings her the Jonas-killing outfit and gun, and she murders him again to save her child.

*At Regina's post-apocalypse grave-marker, Tronte tells Claudia that he always thought Regina was his daughter. Claudia says she used to wish that too, but it's better that Regina isn't part of the knot since it means she will live. Claudia sends Tronte to go back to kill Regina, so that earlier-Claudia can do everything she needs to to prevent it. Back at the bunker, Claudia changes into her Eva-Claudia clothes and hairstyle, continuing to play both sides.

*We see a split-screen of Adam-world & Eva-world Ulrich exiting the cave after following old Helge into the passage. While Adam-world Ulrich exited into 1953 where he attacked little-Helge, Eva-world Ulrich went the other way to 1986 and attacked adult-Helge and dragged him into the bunker, whereupon Old Helge killed Ulrich.

*Old Claudia tells Adam that during the apocalypse time stops momentarily, that Eva has been using that moment to send her younger self on different paths to sustain the loop, that Claudia used it to send herself to here, and that Adam must use it to get young Jonas and other-Martha to the Origin World to destroy the knot.

*Adam returns to the Kahnwald house right after when he murdered his Martha, and uses the gold orb-device to bring himself and Jonas back to the cave on apocalypse-day in Eva-world. They exit and see Ulrich follow Old Helge into the cave. Adam tells Jonas he must get to other-Martha before Magnus & Franziska. Jonas runs through the woods and reaches Bartosz and Martha just as older Magnus & Franziska stop them, and Jonas gets his orb started and tackles Martha and dematerializes with her. They re-materialize outside the power plant, and Jonas tells her they're at June 21, 1986, the day their two worlds were created, that today Tannhaus will open the passage for the first time and they must stop it.

*Adam sets fire to Eva's Adam & Eve portraits, goes to her god-particle room and turns the blob to black-sphere.

*Outside the cave, Jonas says that there's someone they must save, that neither of their worlds should exist but that his and Martha's inability to let go of what they want is to blame.

*Adam approaches Eva with a gun. Eva says she knows he will kill her, that she remembers being younger and seeing him kill her, that it's what will finally turn younger-her against him, but he reveals that the gun isn't loaded, and Eva is confused at events not happening the same as she remembers.

*Jonas and Martha go through the Sic Mundus door and wait. When Tannhaus activates his machine, the passage opens, and Jonas and Martha find themselves alone in a starfieldy space. They both see each other as children looking back at them from doorways, though their parents see no one and close the doors. Jonas and Martha back away and bump into each other; Jonas activates the gold orb-device and they walk forward into the Origin World.

*1974 Tannhaus's son, Marek, is arguing with him in the shop, and stomps off to drive home early despite it being a rainy night. Marek's wife assures Tannhaus that he'll cool off, and carries the baby out after him. In the car, Marek gripes about his dad, but does settle down, and gives his wife a kiss, then almost crashes the car when Jonas and Martha appear in the road, but he stops safely. Marek gets out and yells at them for nearly getting him killed, and Jonas tells Marek the bridge is closed. When Marek look to get back in the car and keep driving anyway, Jonas say "What we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean" (a Tannhaus saying) and Martha says his father loves him, and would do anything for him. Unsettled, Marek tells his wife she was right about it being better if they leave tomorrow, and turns back to Winden. Back at the shop, Marek and his father reconcile.

*Martha asks Jonas if he thinks it worked, and he tells her about seeing little Martha through the closet, and she remembers it too. They start to dematerialize together, and Jonas says again "We're a perfect match, never believe anything else." They clasp hands and both disappear. Throughout time, others in the knot dematerialize - Adam and Eva, 1880s Jonas, Apocalypse Claudia, middle-age Martha.

*In the fixed world, there's a dinner party in the Kahnwald house, now occupied by Regina. There's a photo of her with Claudia and an older man (her father? Claudia's husband?)
*Hannah & Wöller (both arms and no eyepatch now) are a couple. Katharina, Peter, and Bennie are there too. Peter says Wöller's eye looks good, that he never did tell them how he hurt it. He starts to tell them the story but then the lights go out. When the power comes back on, Hannah seems disturbed - she tells them it's deja vu, that last night she had a dream like this, where there was a bang and the lights went out and then the world ended, but that it felt good and right that it had, that there was no today or tomorrow just infinite darkness. We see that Hannah is pregnant, and when asked about baby names says that she thinks Jonas is a beautiful name.
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I thought that was a very thematically satisfying ending, even though there were plenty of loose threads I wanted to get resolved. I was glad to see Benni get a seat at the table in the last scene (maybe he and Peter are a couple in the fixed universe?), and I thought not explaining about Wöller's eye again was hilarious. Before the end I was about 70% convinced that the appearance of Jonas and Marta was going to cause the car accident in the first place, sending the whole thing into yet another loop, and I'm glad that wasn't the ending they went for.

Thanks for posting these recaps, oh yeah!
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The guy in the picture at the end with Claudia and Regina was Bernd Doppler, Regina’s real father. It’s foreshadowed in a couple episodes (most recently when he hits on her teenage self in s3). Which I guess makes Helge her half brother!
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Wait, I realized this morning as I woke up that it must be old Egon with Regina & Claudia in the photo, to show he had been saved from a knot-related death in the fixed universe too. (And I think I was misspelling Bernd's name in some of the recaps, will have to go back through and see if I need some mod fixes.) Bernd was in a wheelchair by the time Claudia was an adult, so he wouldn't be standing up in the photo unless his disability was some bad-Winden-verse thing.

Whir, I had the same thought about Bennie & Peter, and wish they'd made it explicit rather than it being a question of whether Peter was at the party with Bennie or Katharina, since Bennie could just be there because of being Wöller's sibling, but at least they're not exiled to the RV of sex work in the fixed universe. And I also worried that Jonas & Martha were going to have caused the wreck in the first place, but I guess the show knew most people would, since they'd thrown so many paradoxes at us already.
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I kind of want a census of "fixed" Winden just to know what the ramifications were. Does the Nielsen family even exist? With no Origin to be Tronte's father, perhaps no Agnes and no Hanno/Noah... It might be an interesting exercise to go through the very interconnected family tree and figure out who could possibly still be around just after erasing the Origin, but it seems like the town is populating itself with some of those names anyway, just with different parentage (Charlotte Tannhaus, Jonas Wöller).
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do they ever explain who the heck the oil-covered martha was that martha saw when running away from the noise in the cave?
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do they ever explain who the heck the oil-covered martha was that martha saw when running away from the noise in the cave?

I don't think so. Jonas had nightmare visions of oil-covered Michael back in season 1, so, maybe it was just meant as another 'they're a perfect match' similarity? Oh, Martha's vision was in a white dress -- was it the shift from when Adam destroyed her and her Origin fetus with the god-particle sphere? Maybe dying Martha was reaching out to her past consciousness somehow, like the way she and Jonas saw their child-selves through the closets in the passage?
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I'm not sure how conscious Helge would be of this, but when he says "tick, tock" he actually is describing the infinite loop that Winden is in pretty well: the "tick" is the Universe A loop, where Jonas hides under the house to survive the apocalypse. The "tock" is the Universe B loop, where Marta B steps in to save Jonas and bring him back to Universe B. Each one creates the other (right? I'm sure this is the case but I'm having trouble remembering the exact mechanism), until Jonas manages to break the cycle by exiting to the original universe.
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