The Adventure Zone: Graduation Ep. 19: Creative Writing
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It's a very special episode for week one of MaxFunDrive 2020. The Thundermen are shown what could be. We learn about crimes, both past and future. We find out more about the boys and they find out more about themselves. Much is revealed and makes things even less clear.
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I posted this for selfish reasons: if you've listened to this episode, can you tell me if I'll miss anything from the story if I skip it?
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The events of the episode are Chaos trying to... tempt, I guess? ... the Thundermen by showing them possible futures. It's character work, for the most part.
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OK, that sounds better than what I thought it was going to be from the first few minutes. Thanks!
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Yeah, it's a skippable side story, but at the same time it's a pretty listenable episode. There's hardly any gaming, just roleplay, and it provides a different perspective on the players' insights into their characters. I'm usually not a fan of these interludes (regardless of who's DMing them) but this worked well (even if Chaos personified doesn't really seem to be all that, uh, driven by chaos).
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What, you think you can generate a lot of high-quality chaos without a solid plan? Go right ahead!
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