Deadwind: Full Season 1 (AKA Karppi)
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Shortly after suffering a life-changing loss, prickly and reserved Helsinki detective Sofia Karppi returns to work, insisting she is just fine to anyone who asks. On her first day back she is unwillingly paired with Homicide department newbie Sakari Nurmi, freshly transferred from Financial Crimes for mysterious reasons. The two work fractiously together to solve the murder of Anna Bergdahl, a social worker and consultant whose body is found buried on the site of a proposed green-energy housing development that is the brainchild of Finnish company Tempo, for whom Anna had been working in her final days. Twists and turns and shocking revelations abound while Karppi clashes with suspects, her coworkers, and her own home life.

Deadwind, a Finnish import marketed as a Netflix original, is available in full from Netflix. The second season was released earlier this month. If this thread goes well, I'll post a season two thread in a few weeks!
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Personal opinions:

The chemistry between Pihla Viitala (Karppi) and her costar Lauri Tilkanen (Nurmi) is evident from the jump, even though they get off on the wrong foot - this alone makes the odd occasional detours of the plot worth tolerating. Season two is more tightly written, but season one is definitely worth your time to watch.

The scenery and cinematography are extremely edible to lovers of bleak landscapes.

Yes, Pihla Viitala does look rather like Finnish Kate Beckensale. Yes, I covet her deeply hooded coat and Sarah Lund-rivaling sweater collection.

Sofia's son Emil is a vicious yet adorable critic of her entire life. His library is open full-time and his only reading subject is his mother.

Deadwind has felt to me like it is underrated, and perhaps lurks a bit in the shadows of fellow country-show Bordertown, which has been running a bit longer. The two shows differ in that Bordertown solves a case in two or three episodes, while Deadwind follows a single crime through a full-season arc, making it more akin to Forbrydelsen/The Killing or Bron|Broen. In fact if you liked either of those and have a thing for prickly woman detectives, then Deadwind should fit right into your watchlist.
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We saw this a while back and thought it was very good. I like the Nordic shows that have a single story arc. It seems they’re often about corrupt companies and government graft, which surprised me but maybe that’s just my naïveté because I tend to think of those countries as full of upstanding citizens.

I will definitely watch the end season of Deadwind.
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Just finished the second season, and it was really good!

Just in case someone is reading who doesn’t want to be spoiled for Season 2:

[Click for spoiler]That scene in the helicopter where Sofia and Nurmi crash into the water—that was super tense but really well done, I thought! I liked that Nurmi just gets in and starts flying it and Sofia realizes he doesn’t really know how to fly it...she was holding her phone and gaping at him and I was like, better google “how to fly a helicopter”....

Oh I felt so sorry for Henna. Yes, it was not a good idea to steal the drugs, but she’s so messed up over her father’s death it’s hard to really blame her for the truly awful consequences that followed. And poor Jere! I felt like he would have stayed clean and alive if he had not met Henna that day at the bridge.

One odd thing: when Mari is asking Sofia about her husband’s death, Sofia says they never caught the person who hit him, but that it was an accident. Then Mari asks how she could know that it was just an accident if they never caught the person. It made me wonder fleetingly if Sofia had been the one who had hit him and somehow covered it up. I thought about how she always wants Nurmi to drive instead of driving herself, and later she tells Henna they will just keep quiet about the murder of the drug dealer. Who knows though...I’m probably overthinking it.

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Ahh! I was going to come back and make a season two thread just in case folks were more likely to comment on that one since it’s fresher.

I wonder if Karppi’s husband’s death is something they’ll address in season three. Pihla has been on her IG showing that she’s preparing for shooting, so I’m glad it’s coming. Sad it seems to be confirmed as the final season though!

Maybe I will go make that thread just so we can go bananas talking in there. I have THOUGHTS.
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